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Table Lamps

Our collection of table lamps range in size from small bedside lamps to large statement lamps for the living room. We also have several task lamps, for reading, & desk lamps for a home office. Our table lights are all made in Italy, from top quality brands like Contardi, Porada, Gallotti & Radice, & Miniforms, & use eco friendly LED bulbs.

To find exactly what you want, filter by size, colour, & finish as sometime the images don't show the lamps true size - for example Contardi lights are often a lot larger in real life than they are in the photos. Some of our table lamps have matching floor lamps, wall lights or pendant lights too.

Of course our team are always happy to help if you need more information, & we have a large number of table lamps on display in our showroom, so please do Contact Us for more details. We also work with the trade, & welcome trade enquiries.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ARCIP-02 Contardi Arcipelago Table Lamp
  • £1050.00
GM-ONGO-01 Contardi Ongo Connect Table Lamp
  • £300.00
GM-BEM-01 Contardi Beam Table Lamp
  • £850.00
GM-CINQS-02 Contardi Cinq Table Lamp
  • £760.00
GM-CRYST-01 Contardi Crystal Table Lamp
  • £1430.00
GM-MIKAD-02 Contardi Mikado Table Lamp
  • £420.00
GM-UFFI-02 Contardi Uffizi Table Lamp
  • £1380.00
GM-CLES-01 Contardi Clessidra Table Lamp
  • £1160.00
GM-CUBE-04 Contardi Cube Floor/Table Lamp
  • £970.00
GM-BOLL-01 Porada Bolla Table Lamp
  • £840.00
GM-PILE-02 Porada Pileo Table Lamp
  • £1310.00
GM-UPTA-01 Contardi Up Table Lamp
  • £540.00
GM-COUT-03 Contardi Couture Table Lamp
  • £490.00
GM-CLOC-02 Contardi Cloche Table Lamp
  • £520.00
GM-TREAS-02 Contardi Treasure Table Lamp
  • £760.00
GM-DIVI-03 Contardi Divina Table Lamp
  • £620.00
GM-RETT-02 Contardi Rettangola Table Lamp
  • £510.00
GM-COCO-15 Contardi Coco Deluxe Table Lamp
  • £480.00
GM-COCO-16 Contardi Coco Mega Table Lamp
  • £840.00
GM-RETT-03 Contardi Rettangola Small Table Lamp
  • £360.00
GM-QUAD-10 Contardi Quadra Small Table Lamp
  • £290.00
GM-QUAD-11 Contardi Quadra Adjustable Table Lamp
  • £440.00
GM-MANI-01 Contardi Manilla Table Lamp
  • £660.00
GM-KIRA-01 Contardi Kira Table Lamp
  • £750.00
GM-MESS-08 Contardi Messalina Small Table Lamp
  • £450.00
GM-FRAM-08 Contardi Frame Table Lamp (Miss)
  • £950.00
GM-MUSE-02 Contardi Muse Table Lamp
  • £460.00
GM-CORN-10 Contardi Cornelia Table Lamp
  • £710.00
GM-AGAT-01 Contardi Agata Gold Leaf Table Lamp
  • £750.00
GM-ATHET-01 Contardi Athena Table Lamp
  • £540.00
GM-AUDR-01 Contardi Audrey Table Lamp
  • £660.00