565 Kings Rd, London, SW6 2EB

Cocoon Fire's collection of bio ethanol fires is a perfectly edited range of just four models available in two finishes. Spanish company Cocoon Fires work with celebrated designer Federico Otero, whose beautiful curved design combined with flawless finishing, make their bio ethanol fires works of art, as well as functional heating fires.

Barcelona based Cocoon fires have adjustable burners, which will burn for up to six hours, much longer than many other similar fires.  Made from marine grade materials, they can also be used outdoors making them an investment that can be used all year round.

Featured widely in the press, Cocoon Fires is a step ahead in bio ethanol flue-less fires, they combine designer looks with reasonable prices and top quality.  

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-PEDE-01 Cocoon Pedestal Fire - Black
  • £2610.00
GM-PEDE-02 Cocoon Pedestal Fire - Black With 316 Stainless Steel stand
  • £2700.00
GM-PEDE-03 Cocoon Pedestal Fire - Stainless steel, With 316 Stainless Steel Stand
  • £3520.00
GM-NEROW-01 Nero Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire
  • £2440.00
GM-TERR-01 Cocoon Terra Fire - Black
  • £2540.00
GM-AERI-02 Cocoon Aeris Hanging Fireplace - Polished Steel
  • £3520.00
GM-TERR-02 Cocoon Terra Fire - Polished Steel
  • £3340.00
GM-VELL-01 Cocoon Vellum Wall Mounted Fire - Black
  • £2580.00
GM-VELL-02 Cocoon Vellum Wall Mounted Fire - Stainless Steel
  • £3390.00
GM-AERI-01 Cocoon Aeris Hanging Fireplace - Black
  • £2800.00
GM-AERI-03 Cocoon Aeris Hanging Fireplace - Black, with 316 Stainless Steel hanging system
  • £2800.00