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Children's Bedroom Furniture

Children's Bedroom Furniture

Children have an abundance of imagination. Their bedrooms are their dens - places to play, study and sleep. Which is why we love Nidi, THE children's bedroom specialists - experts in wonderfully imaginative bedroom furniture for children through to teenagers.

There is so much to love in our children's bedroom furniture section. Look out for cleverly designedbunk bedsthat can also incorporate storage space, desks and ingenious shelving. Four poster beds or trundle beds, with some of our beds designed to fold-away (when not in use), ingeniously revealing a hidden desk underneath.

Also part of the incredible Nidi collection are children's wardrobes, desks (some with rewriteable desktops), side tables, bedside cabinets and chests of drawers.

All of our furniture for children and teenagers is offered in an abundance of colours and finishes, from zingy primary colours to calming and sophisticated neutrals. So have some fun choosing the best, high quality bedroom furniture for your children. Designs that will grow with them and keep their imaginations alive.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-TYNN-01 Battistella Tynn Children's Storage Box
  • £90.00
GM-NIDI-25 Battistella Cloud Wall Units/Bookshelves
  • £120.00
GM-NIDI-24 Battistella Hook Wall Units/Bookshelves
  • £130.00
GM-NIDI-14 Battistella Tynn Wall Unit/Bookcase 14
  • £140.00
GM-NIDI-17 Battistella Pitagoria Wall Units/Bookshelves 17
  • £140.00
GM-WOOD-05 Battistella Woody Bedside Cabinet
  • £150.00
GM-MILK-01 Battistella Milk Children's Stool
  • £150.00
GM-NIDI-26 Battistella Poppy Wall Units/Bookshelves
  • £160.00
GM-DISC-02 Battistella Disco Floor Cushion
  • £164.00
GM-CUBE-01 Battistella Cube Ottoman
  • £170.00
GM-LIPP-01 Battistella Lippy Children's Shelf
  • £190.00
GM-PILL-01 Battistella Pill Children's Chair
  • £230.00
GM-PANK-03 Battistella Pank Storage Chest
  • £230.00
GM-BALL-01 Battistella Balloon Pouf
  • £230.00
GM-WOOD-13 Battistella Woody Drawer Unit
  • £240.00
GM-NOEL-01 Battistella Noel Ottoman
  • £250.00
GM-WHAL-01 Battistella Whale Contemporary Rug
  • £260.00
GM-SACC-01 Zanotta Sacco Bean Bag
  • £260.00
GM-ELLO-01 Battistella Ello Ottoman
  • £270.00
GM-WOOD-14 Battistella Woody Bedside Table with Legs
  • £280.00
GM-NIDI-15 Battistella Pitagoria Wall Units/Bookshelves 15
  • £280.00
GM-NIDI-21 Battistella Yucca Desk
  • £280.00
GM-NIDI-13 Battistella Nidi Wall Unit/Bookcase 13
  • £300.00
GMC-SACC-01- Zanotta Sacco Large Bean Bag - Clearance
  • £300.00
GM-WOOD-09 Battistella Woody Children's Chair
  • £330.00
GM-PANK-02 Battistella Pank Padded Storage Chest
  • £340.00
GM-WOOD-07 Battistella Woody Children's Desk
  • £353.00
GM-NIDI-16 Battistella Nidi Wall Unit 16
  • £360.00
GM-NIDI-06 Battistella Nidi Bookcase 06
  • £370.00
GM-ETTA-01 Battistella Etta Children's Bed
  • £380.00
GM-NIDI-05 Battistella Holly Bookcase 05
  • £390.00
GM-WOOD-06 Battistella Woody Children's Table
  • £410.00
GM-GRAP-01 Battistella Graphic Children's Desk
  • £418.00
GM-LUCE-02 Battistella Luce Children's Desk
  • £435.00
GM-LILA-02 Battistella Lila Children's Bed
  • £440.00
GM-LEAF-01 Battistella Leaf Children's Chair
  • £460.00
GM-GIRO-06 Battistella Giro Children's Bed
  • £460.00
GM-OLA-01 Battistella Ola Children's Bed
  • £470.00
GM-WOOD-11 Battistella Woody Children's Wardrobe
  • £480.00
GM-GRAP-03 Battistella Graphic Children's Wardrobe
  • £490.00
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