Porada – the latest addition to our stable!

Its official, we are now a Porada retailer!! This top Italian brand produces very grown up, sophisticated contemporary furniture in solid wood (combined with upholstery, glass & metal) and will make a fabulous addition to our other fantastic Italian brands (Jesse, Bonaldo, Lema, Tonelli, Contardi & Vibieffe to name just a few). We don’t like to add new brands for the sake of it, they need to add their own unique value and Porada’s collection of elegant dining tables, chairs, bookcases, sideboards & media units are not just ‘more of the same’ for us.

There’s only one problem though. The collection is ENORMOUS. Their master catalogue is a whopping 471 pages. This is a good thing unless you happen to be the people responsible for adding it to our website, managing the image libraries & letting our customers and the Press know we have it. Those people are (mostly) lying down with a cup of tea at the thought of the work ahead. Several of our consultants already know the products so if you want to order anything just give us a call on 020 7731 9540 or pop into our London showroom – which is rather handily just up the road from Porada’s Contract/Trade only showroom at Chelsea Harbour. Continue reading “Porada – the latest addition to our stable!”

Did you know we are having a sale?

Every once in a while we suddenly decide to have a sale..& when we do it’s not one of these sales where you find that only the goods no one else wants are on sale, its on EVERYTHING. So, we are offering 15% off ANY item/order, as long as the total order is at least £1,000.

Our contemporary furniture is all custom made in Europe, & our suppliers will all be on holidays for August so everything is taking longer to arrive – which is why we thought it might be nice to have a sale. After all, if you have to wait an age at least you know you got a fantastic deal!

The sale will probably run for another week, maybe two, & when its over it over, so why not get shopping?

Use the code OLYMPICS at the checkout (don’t forget to enable yourself as customer), telephone us on 020 7731 9540 or visit our showroom at 565 Kings Road.