Cocoon Aeris Fire Now In Our Showroom

Our new bioethanol fire from Cocoon Fires has now been installed in the showroom & is currently hanging in the window. We chose the Aeris fire, in polished steel & I have to say, it looks amazing! We are using bioethanol fires for heating & the Aeris fire sends out a huge amount of heat. Not enough for the whole (3 floor) showroom, but it certainly makes a huge difference.

The burner for all three models is the same, so if you would like to see a fire from Cocoon Fires for yourself please do pop by.

Cocoon Aeris Fire
Cocoon Aeris Fire

Bio Ethanol Fires – Our Winter Heros!

Is it too early to start thinking about winter fires? Not for us..we like to plan well ahead & so are currently updating our Bioethanol fires section on the website, adding new fires from Cocoon fires, Decoflame & Ecosmart fire.

Go Modern has been selling liquid bio ethanol fires (then known as flueless fires) since 2007 (I think we were the first, but can’t be sure) because as a London based company we would LOVE to have an open fire but know we can’t (it’s not allowed in London) & these really are the next best thing. It’s difficult to explain but the heat is different from central heating or gas fire heat, it spreads throughout the room & is ultra cosy. Simon calls it ‘Ski Chalet’ heat & we now use bio ethanol fires as our sole source of heating at our showroom in winter. Which is pretty cool considering our contemporary showroom is set over three floors & we have large glass skylights in the largest part. Continue reading “Bio Ethanol Fires – Our Winter Heros!”