Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Mirrors are a fantastic way to add a bit of light & sparkle to a room, & if they are contemporary mirrors from Italian brand Tonelli Design then they are beautiful objects in their own right. So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite modern mirrors…not just wall ones either. In fact Tonelli’s full length mirrors are very cool too.

Fittipaldi Full Length Mirror
Fittipaldi Full Length Mirror

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More child proof dining room furniture

We recently started introducing a new collection from Italy of stylish contemporary dining tables with heat proof, scratch proof tops in a new composite designed to look just like stone/wood & so far they have been doing very well. The collection is almost complete on the website (just a few sideboards to go) & now includes more dining tables, plus some lovely dining chairs in a very nice polypropilene ( a type of plastic, but they really do look great), ‘technical fabric’ (whatever that means) which are super easy to clean, as well as the ever popular eco leather, real leather & ‘Magu’, a fabric specifically chosen for it’s robust-ness. Continue reading “More child proof dining room furniture”

Our Lovely Contemporary Sofa Beds From Italy

As we are London based we are well aware of the need to make the most of your space, & one of the best ways to do this is with a contemporary sofa bed. A room that would usually be kept as a guest room is often also used as a study, but many people in London don’t even have a spare room, which is where sofa beds really come into their own.

The problem with sofa beds has always been that they are not that comfortable either as a sofa or as a bed, with thin mattresses & cushions that don’t mask the fact that there is a metal mechanism just below them. They are usually available in a very limited number of styles, & getting one that sits off the ground on contemporary legs has been completely impossible. Continue reading “Our Lovely Contemporary Sofa Beds From Italy”

Cocoon Fires, Our Stunning New Bioethanol Fires

As soon as we saw these beautiful liquid bio ethanol fires from Cocoon fires Spain we fell in love. Curvy lines, designer looks & an open fire warmth, all for surprisingly reasonable prices. The collection is small – just three designs in two finishes, but work beautifully with our contemporary furniture. The two finishes are black, or stainless steel, & the steel is a marine grade stainless steel so all three can be used outdoors too.

Aeris hanging Bioethanol fire
Aeris hanging Bioethanol fire

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