Did you know we deliver (almost) everywhere?

Did you know we can deliver our furniture, bio-ethanol fires, garden parasols and mirrors almost anywhere in the world?

We have a warehouse in London and another in Edinburgh, so deliveries to Scotland, including the Highlands, are never a problem for us.  In fact our lovely Scottish customers are among some of our favourites.  We also deliver to Ireland, the UK Islands, Western Europe (including Switzerland), Scandinavia and lots of other countries.

Our logistics manager Mark Dooner has years of experience when it comes to moving things.  His background includes moving whole opera and ballet companies, amongst other things, around the world.

The carriers we use to collect our furniture/fires/parasols from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands are always specialist worldwide carriers. We can even transport glass furniture which, as you can imagine, takes some very specialist packing.

The U.S., unfortunately, is a particular problem for delivery, as local handling/port charges are prohibitive, as are the import duties.

Australia and New Zealand will almost certainly not be viable either.  The cost of the shipping alone ensures that. For far flung customers we have found it is always worth arranging for us to ship to the particular country’s port and then to arrange your own transport from the port to home.

If you are thinking about buying something to have delivered to another country it is definitely best to contact us by email, or phone us on 020 7731 9540.  We will then be able to get a quote from our carriers for you. We will always obtain a number of quotes so that we can offer the very best price.

So if you’d like to have something delivered abroad please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to arrange this.