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Bedroom wardrobes are one of Go Modern's specialities and we have possibly the largest collection in the UK. All of our wardrobes offer lots of flexibility and can be adapted to suit any style and space. In most cases there are several sizes, colours, finishes and even styles of handles to choose from, as well as the very useful option of customisation.

For simplicity, we have separated our wardrobes into four categories: hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes. If you're struggling to know which is the right design for you read our guide, which will help you to make the right choice.

We love awkward spaces. We can design fitted wardrobes for those difficult spaces such as under the stairs or below eaves, and our expert team of installers will ensure an exact fit. We work with both trade and private clients and partner with a number of specialist wardrobe brands including Molteni, Novamobili, Battistella and Lema.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ANTEP-01 Pianca Anteprima Walk In Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-SIPAP-01 Pianca Sipario Walk In Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-VISTAP-01 Pianca Vista Walk In Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-SNAKP-01 Pianca Snake Walk In Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-VITR-01 Pianca Vitrum Wardrobe
  • £2070.00
GM-CORN-17 Pianca Cornice Flush Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2900.00
GM-ICON-12 Pianca Icona Flush Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2860.00
GM-TRATT-12 Pianca Tratto Folding Door Wardrobe
  • £1670.00
GM-VITR-03 Pianca Vitrum Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2770.00
GM-VELA-01 Pianca Vela Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2760.00
GM-VELA-02 Pianca Vela Flush Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £3760.00
GM-NAST-03 Pianca Nastro Flush Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2890.00
GM-RAGG-03 Pianca Raggio Flush Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £4630.00
GM-TRAT-11 Pianca Tratto Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2900.00
GM-MANH-06 Pianca Manhattan Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2430.00
GM-NAST-02 Pianca Nastro Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £1650.00
GM-ICON-11 Pianca Icona Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £1620.00
GM-CORN-16 Pianca Cornice Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £1670.00
GM-RAGG-02 Pianca Raggio Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2960.00
GM-PLANAP-02 Pianca Plana Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £1390.00
GM-MILAO-01 Pianca Milano Wardrobe
  • £1740.00
GM-CREA-01 Pianca Crea Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2970.00
GM-ICON-10 Pianca Icona Wardrobe
  • £900.00
GM-TRAT-10 Pianca Tratto Wardrobe
  • £1420.00
GM-CORN-15 Pianca Cornice Wardrobe
  • £960.00
GM-RAGG-01 Pianca Raggio Wardrobe
  • £1520.00
GM-VERO-01 Pianca Verona Wardrobe
  • £1510.00
GM-AMALF-01 Pianca Amalfi Wardrobe
  • £900.00
GM-PLANAP-01 Pianca Plana Wardrobe
  • £790.00
GM-MANH-05 Pianca Manhattan Wardrobe
  • £1380.00
GM-NAST-01 Pianca Nastro Wardrobe
  • £890.00
GM-GOLA-06 Novamobili Gola Recessed Handle Wardrobe
  • £980.00
GM-VICO-02 Novamobili Vico Wardrobe
  • £1390.00
GM-GOLA-01 Novamobili Gola Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £1740.00
GM-GOLA-03 Novamobili Gola Wardrobe With Media Unit
  • £1190.00
GM-GOLA-04 Novamobili Gola Wardrobe With Drawers
  • £1180.00
GM-MYSUI-01 Porada My Suite Storage System
  • £0.00
GM-MYSUI-02 Porada My Suite Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-ANTO-03 Mogg Antologia Wardrobe System
  • £3250.00
GM-AFIL-02 Molteni Gliss Master A-Filo Wardrobe
  • £1480.00
GM-GRIP-05 Molteni Gliss Master GRIP Wardrobe
  • £1700.00
GM-SKIN-06 Molteni Gliss Master SKIN Wardrobe
  • £5160.00
GM-STRT-09 Molteni Gliss Master Start Wardrobe
  • £1295.00
GM-BLD-01 Molteni Gliss Master Blade Wardrobe
  • £2955.00
GM-SWING-11 Molteni Gliss Master Swing Wardrobe
  • £2822.00
GM-LAYE-04 Layer Smoked Glass Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2950.00
GM-OFFS-10 Offset Sliding Door Wardrobe With Glass Insert
  • £2890.00
GM-OFFS-11 Offset Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2630.00
GM-LAYE-01 Layer Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £3050.00
GM-LAYE-03 Layer Reeded Glass Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £3280.00
GM-PERR-02 Novamobili Perry/Gola Wardrobe
  • £1230.00
GM-SERY-01 Lema Seryasse Wardrobe
  • £5800.00
GM-CINQ-13 Scatola Walk In Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-09 Utilita Bedroom Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-08 Sotto Fitted Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-10 Attrezzato Fitted Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-12 Ordinato Utility Room Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-11 Pulizia Utility Room Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-14 Aperto Walk In Wardrobe
  • £0.00
GM-CINQ-15 Cinquanta Portone Fitted Wardrobe
  • £2200.00
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