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Contemporary Beds In Wood

Contemporary Beds In Wood

We have a wide collection of contemporary wooden beds, all made by some of the very best Italian and Portuguese brands. If wooden beds are not for you, we also have separate sections for upholstered beds and lacquered beds.

Our wooden beds all come with matching wooden bedroom furniture and many have matching or complementary wardrobes too.

If you are looking for a bed in a particular size, you can also find separate categories for single beds, king size beds and super king size beds. As some of our beds are in European sizes, you may find it useful to read our bed sizes explained page.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ESTE-02 Este Contemporary Bed
  • £950.00
GM-THUN-01 Thun Contemporary Bed
  • £990.00
GM-SOMA-01 Soma Contemporary Bed
  • £1090.00
GM-CAPR-01 Caprice Contemporary Bed
  • £1220.00
GM-MIST-01 Mistral Contemporary Bed
  • £1260.00
GM-BEND-05 Bend Modern Bed
  • £1290.00
GM-CARD-01 Cardiff Contemporary Bed
  • £1330.00
GM-AMBI-01 Ambiente Contemporary Bed
  • £1340.00
GM-DEDA-01 Novamobili Dedalo Bed
  • £1410.00
GM-HALO-04 Halo Contemporary Bed
  • £1480.00
GM-PRIM-05 Prima Contemporary Bed
  • £1220.00
GM-VINC-01 Jesse Vincent Bed
  • £1560.00
GM-FUJI-01 Fuji Contemporary Bed
  • £1570.00
GM-DWAY-01 Jesse Dwayne Bed
  • £1990.00
GM-DWAY-02 Jesse Dwayne Upholstered Bed
  • £2110.00
GM-RAIN-05 Novamobili Rain Bed
  • £2210.00
GM-THEO-01 Lema Theo Bed
  • £2550.00
GM-SIRI-01 Novamobili Siri Bed
  • £1980.00
GM-CASE-01 Mogg Casetta In Canada Four Poster Bed
  • £2800.00
GM-SHIK-04 Miniforms Shiko Magnum Bed
  • £2860.00
GM-SHIK-06 Miniforms Shiko Wonder Bed
  • £2880.00
GM-GYLE-01 Jesse Gyles Bed
  • £2750.00
GM-ZIGG-12 Porada Ziggy Bed
  • £6080.00
GM-ZIGG-21 Porada Ziggy Four-Poster Bed
  • £6600.00
GM-TWELV-01 Molteni Twelve AM Bed
  • £8900.00