Contemporary Furniture Buying, An essential Guide.

Contemporary Furniture Buying, an Essential Guide

Many people are used to more traditional furniture, or furniture from larger furniture shops, so when they start buying contemporary furniture from Europe they find themselves faced with some new challenges. Some of the ways contemporary furniture from Italy,  Portugal, Spain & France is different include -

You can customise it

Most contemporary furniture brands offer a number of colour choices (anything from three to thirty), and some even offer the option to have the furniture made in a RAL colour, which is a standardised colour system. Contemporary furniture is often modular, so there is a choice of sizes, for example bedside cabinets and chests of drawers often have a number of different sizes to choose from. Wall units, wardrobes, bookcases, children's bedrooms & home offices can all be designed to suit the size room you have, and parts of them can be cut so that they actually become fully fitted furniture.

Upholstered beds, armchairs, sofas & sofa beds all have a fabulous choice of fabrics too - and the Italian brands like Jesse furniture, Bonaldo, Alivar, & Vibieffe allow you to provide your own fabric with no problem at all. Sofa modules come in different sizes too, so the Albert sofa by Jesse Furniture has a huge number of different sizes made by combining different modules & different sizes.

You won't get it straight away

Contemporary furniture at the higher end is made to order, therefore will take a number of weeks to arrive. Most European producers take at least 4 weeks to make their pieces, they don't hold ready made furniture in stock as there are so many variables it would be inefficient. This is the same reason contemporary furniture shops like Go Modern don't hold stock, providing choice means sacrificing locally held stock.

In addition to the production time there is shipping. Contemporary furniture is delivered by lorry into the UK, which adds another week or two on (Arrangements need to be made to pick it up, & pick ups are usually only once a week), and once it arrives it needs to be held here whilst the specialist delivery teams arrange their deliveries. If you allow 8 to 10 weeks for your contemporary furniture to arrive you should be fine.

It often needs assembly

In a way it doesn't seem right that an expensive dining table like the Mille table from Bonaldo needs assembly, but there are two very good reason that most of our contemporary furniture needs anything from a little assembly to a lot. Firstly, fully assembled dining tables & beds won't fit in your front door! We often have problems with bed slats (the high quality ones are made in a single piece as standard) & there is absolutely no way we could deliver larger items fully assembled without damaging either them, or your home.  Casabella furniture for example leave the legs off their sideboards so they don't get broken en route, & each part can be protected (a glass table top will always need it's own wooden crate).

The second reason contemporary furniture is often delivered un-assembled is that it reduces transport costs from Italy/Spain/Portugal - which is passed on to you. We don't need to factor in extra delivery costs, so the end result is better value for money. We can also give you the option of DIY assembly (saving more money) or assembly by our delivery team - who are expert at putting these pieces together & have done it many times before.

It can be heavy. Very heavy

Our oval Saarinen Tulip table in marble is 120cm x 180cm & needs three men to deliver it. Our Shine sideboard & Kafka leather sofa need two men just to lift one end. Whilst contemporary furniture looks light good quality contemporary furniture can be very heavy, which is why we deliver to the room you want it in. It's also why our assembly option for dining tables is a good idea, often the top or legs are too heavy unless you are very strong, & you would need several people to help.

So what does this mean for you?

All of these factors combine to mean one thing for our customers - better quality & flexibilty for less. Whilst no one can accuse us of being cheap the lack of warehousing costs, stock holding costs, unsold stock costs & reduced transport costs from Europe mean we can deliver extremely high quality contemporary furniture made just for you, in the size, colour & style you want, & the price doesn't include all of these extra costs. You are spending your money on quality, instead of on warehousing & unsold furniture.

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