Winter whites and a touch of glamour

Our Kings Road showroom plays host to a regularly changing display of modern art, beautifully curated by our friends over at Tag Fine Arts.  One particular piece, ‘Balloon’ by Dede Johnston, is over a meter wide and one of five signed editions.  It’s from a series entitled ‘The New Wilderness’ and is a C-type print of a scene from Courcheval, France.  It’s wonderfully ethereal piece and captures the perfect stillness that a fall of snow always brings.  Look carefully and you’ll see a tiny hot air balloon floating above the clouds, creating a complete sense of awe at the scale and beauty of our natural world.

Balloon by Dede Johnston

We always associate white with winter, whether it snows or not (increasingly not in London).  It’s a colour that provides a sense of calm and order, and it’s beautifully versatile.  It’s obviously used a lot in Scandi interior design, paired with natural woods and neutral shades to create a stylish, laid back look.  We love it and it’s perfect for that minimalist, contemporary look.

Bonaldo’s award-winning Octa extending dining table (below) is a magnificent piece of design by Bartoli Design for the stylish Italian brand. The table base is made from eight, white metal legs, like the old-fashioned game of pick-up-sticks.  They look incredibly light in appearance but, and as you would expect, are actually very strong and stable.

Bonaldo Octa extending dining table

The Octa also comes in four sizes and the table top can be finished in white acid treated glass, as seen here, or ceramic. The steel legs as mentioned have been lacquered in white here but you can choose from lots of other colours including anthracite grey, bordeaux, chromed or black nickel. The stylist has used Bonaldo’s My Time dining chairs, upholstered in a white Skay ecoleather, which is a high quality faux leather. The overall look, set on a deep pile grey carpet and using over-sized white lampshades, ticks all our winter wonderland boxes.

Decoflame Ascot bioethanol fire

The colder winter days also mean turning the heating up/on, and a real fire, we have to confess, cannot be beaten.  But we think our bioethanol fires come pretty close to the real thing – without all the hard work of buying/collecting firewood and cleaning up the ashes the next day. They also spring to life at the touch of a button and are pleasingly eco-friendly.

Bioethanol fires use high grade liquid bioethanol, a green fuel, which doesn’t generate any harmful gases, sparks or soot.  They are very simple to install (hurray!) and you don’t need to have a chimney, flue or gas supply to use them. They have a superb heat output too, as well as long burning times – up to eight hours – which should keep you toasty all evening.  We have a wide range of designs, including those from Danish Decoflame and Spanish brand Cocoon.  As the temperature tumbles we use a couple in our own showroom; one suspended from a pole in the window, which can be angled to heat the front part of the showroom and which invariably gets lots of attention, and one down in our office area to keep us nice and cosy.

The  Ascot Lux bioethanol fire (above) from Decoflame is a fully portable, freestanding fire, designed to sit in an existing fireplace or it can even be used as a freestanding piece. It’s available in three sizes, with three different burners depending on the amount of heat you like and your available space. The burn time for this one is around six hours. The Ascot design also includes toughened glass screens to shield the front or back of the fire.

Miniforms Soko sideboard

There’s nothing like white for adding a touch of glamour. Minforms  Soko sideboard (above) is a great addition to their new collection and we’ve picked out the white lacquered finish here to fit our theme, but it comes in bolder versions such as Veronese green, Intense blue, or Masala red.  To add to the glamour, the Soko doors feature laser cut decoration and, for additional luxury, bright copper handles. There are two different sizes to choose from and the internal shelves are lacquered wood or glass. Optional extras include an internal air filter and an integrated vase.

Tonelli Design City Life mirror

Over-size mirrors are used by stylists and interior designers the world over as a great way of introducing extra light into a dark winter room.  Italian glass wizards Tonellli Design have produced a truly impressive new mirror this year called City Life.  Designed by Francesca Arrighi, the City Life mirror is an impressive 120cm or 180cm in diameter.  A fantastic statement piece, its scale is hard to admire from the image alone (check out the corner left of the image above, where you can just about see an armchair and then really appreciate how large this mirror is).  The edge and the centre of the mirror feature intricate geometrical  patterns – small rhombus crowns – and the various layers of the design are created using a water-cutting process.  We’ve used a picture of the smoked version here but it’s also available in very striking bronze and gold finishes.

Cinquenta Sotto fitted wardrobe

Creating a sense of space is always something that we are all constantly trying to improve on and storage is a large part of this quest.  The Sotto design (above) is our idea of how to get it right and how to keep it stylish.  Finished in off-white and styled with a pale grey floor and rug, plus natural wood accessories, the design has used that awkward under stairs space very efficiently, with doors tailored to fit with the slope of the stairs.  We have fitted something very similar in the Go Modern office and it looks soooooo smart!

Running off the wardrobe space are a series of built in shelves of different shapes, heights and sizes.  It’s incredibly practical, with lots of internal accessories, and very pleasing on the eye.  The Sotto collection can be installed as a built-in design or made totally free standing.  You tell us what you want and our team of designers will measure up and work it out for you. We’ve also got a first-rate team of installers to complete whatever project you have in mind. The design uses a high quality melamine and there are two categories available for the finish.  Colour samples can be seen in our showroom or on the website.

If you’re sad that the garden is becoming increasingly out of bounds as the nights get longer and the winter chill gets sharper, don’t forget our amazing range of high tech outdoor furniture.  Many pieces can be left out all year round and are specially made to withstand the harsh weather of our northern climate. We have some great outdoor lighting too.

Contardi is a brand we have long admired and their lighting ranges are very impressive.  They can supply schemes for whole room lighting through to small accessories that will certainly lift the winter gloom.

Contardi Muse outdoor lamp

Created especially for the garden, the pretty Muse outdoor lamp  will look fabulous anywhere – on a garden table, on the terrace, or placed simply on the ground.  It was designed by Tristan Auer and  comes in two sizes.  The design also has a plaited leather, waterproof handle, making it easy to move around. You can choose from versions in white pearl or matt black, which both have a satin acrylic shade, or bronze which has a smoked plexi-glass shade with a brown leather handle.

So create your own winter wonderland this year with stylish designs that will add a little glamour and carry you through the dark days of winter and beyond.

We’ve also currently got our winter sale… 15% off all purchases over £1,000 – just use the coupon code WINTER.

Storage – some well ordered ideas!

As you may have noticed, we’re very big on storage ideas at Go Modern. And the trickier the space presented to us the more we love it.  There is a great feature in the March 2018 issue of Essential Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom Magazine about this very thing… featuring a Q&A with … US! So here are a few tips and ideas below based on what we shared with EKBB (although do go out and buy the magazine – it’s always a very good read!).

Getting the right balance between storage and space in a bedroom is crucial. We often find clients need more storage than they have space for so we play around with ideas, trying to incorporate storage wherever we can.  Building wardrobes right up to the ceiling, using storage beds and tall chests of drawers in smaller spaces. We combine this sometimes with decorative hanging shelves or slimmer wall units.  A bridged wardrobe around the head of a bed can also be a great use of space.  The result should always work aesthetically as well as leaving you with plenty of space to move around.

Jesse Plana Wardrobe M05
Jesse Plana Wardrobe M05

If a client is thinking of a fitted wardrobe system, we start with the doors; hanging door wardrobes have smaller cabinets which can also be divided inside, so if a client has a lot of different storage needs we would normally recommend those. Sliding doors on the other hand have a cleaner look for small spaces but are actually less flexible in terms of their inside storage.

Novamobili Bronze Wardrobe
Novamobili Bronze Wardrobe

Smaller accessories such as dressing tables are really important.  You can also get creative with a hanging desk with a fold down-top and interior LED lit mirror, or a small wall-hung shelving unit.  Remember to look at the space between wardrobe cabinets too, as this can often accommodate a table as well as shelves, cupboards and a small chest of drawers, with fitted doors to hide things away when they’re not in use.

Praga tall Chest of Drawers
Praga Tall Chest of Drawers
Schoenbuch Collect Dressing Table
Schoenbuch Collect Dressing Table

Our brands are a great and equal measure of aesthetics and practicality.  The days of having to completely sacrifice style to get the best fitted storage are well and truly over.  It’s often more economical to invest in beautiful semi-fitted designer storage than it is to get alternatives.  And there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from – we are seeing everything including textured doors with leather, gloss or matt finises, or a mixture of the two, and lots of unique finishing touches such as statement handles.

Take a look around our site or pop into our Kings Road showroom and have a chat – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can offer.

Fitted, hinged, sliding door or walk-in wardrobes – our guide to what you need to know!

Go Modern specialises in beautiful Italian wardrobes: fitted, freestanding, sliding doors, hinged doors or walk-in wardrobes… take your pick. Whatever you are looking for we are sure we will have something stylish to suit. In fact we have possibly the largest range of Italian wardrobes in the UK. Why choose an Italian wardrobe? Simply because of the endless choice of beautiful contemporary styles, in a huge number of finishes and colours.

But it can be a daunting process… if you let it!  So here’s our mini-guide with some information about the different styles of wardrobes on offer:

FITTED WARDROBES                                                                                                             Our fitted wardrobes are all made to order in Italy. Simply discuss your space with us and we will get as close a fit as possible from the hundreds of wardrobes sizes and options, which can then be cut to an even more precise fit and installed by our expert team of wardrobe fitters. If you’ve an awkward corner or a sloping roof we love that kind of ‘problem’…

Novamobili Dotty Corner Wardrobe
Dotty Corner Wardrobe

To achieve the ‘perfect fitted wardrobe fit’:

  • Our installers can install filler panels/MDF around the edges of the design so that the wardrobe blends seamlessly with the wall
  • We can have the tops and sides cut to order, including cut at an angle (for under eaves, sloping roofs etc)
  • You can choose your own internal layout to suit

But bear in mind:

  • Each wardrobe needs a back and sides, nothing is attached to the wall
  • Wardrobes can be stand-on-their-own (which also means they can be moved when you move)
  • Because we need a few spare cms on the sides and top to install them, there will be a gap – which, as mentioned, can be covered by our fitters
Alfa Fitted Wardrobe
Alfa Fitted Wardrobe

We also have a large selection of both hinged door and sliding door wardrobes, and customers often ask which of these they should choose. Well, both have advantages and disadvantages…

HINGED DOOR WARDROBES                                                                                                          Hinged door wardrobes come in the largest choice of sizes, starting from 90cm wide increasing in different size increments.  Wardrobes with hinged doors can also be cut to fit angles – corners of rooms, loft rooms, under the eaves or under stairs as discussed above. Pop into our Kings Road showroom to see an example of the clever fitting that can be achieved. Hinged doors also usually have handles, many of which are a design feature in their own right and, again, there’s a great choice of colours, textures and shapes.

Unika Hinged Wardrobe
Unika Hinged Wardrobe

SLIDING DOOR WARDROBES                                                                                                           These are perfect for large spaces. Although they don’t have as many choices of sizes, we have a number of different collections, so we should be able to provide a very close fit and, as with hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes can be fitted with panels of the wardrobe’s particular finish to create the fitted wardrobe look. The minimum size of a sliding door wardrobe is two metres (and in our experience, they usually look better in even larger sizes). An obvious advantage of  sliding door wardrobes is that the doors don’t open outwards, which means that not as much room is needed in front of them. However, for obvious reasons, this style of wardrobe won’t fit into the corner of a room, although we have a model that does (the Dover sliding door wardrobe, the only one we have ever seen).

Ghost Sliding Door Wardrobe
Ghost Sliding Door Wardrobe

So, in a nutshell:

Wardrobes with hinged doors

  • are usually less expensive
  • are smaller
  • can be cut to fit around corners, under angled ceilings and stairs
  • have some fantastic, design-led, handles to chose from

Sliding door wardrobes

  • are larger
  • can’t be cut at angles
  • have a slightly more restricted choice of sizes
  • can save space as doors don’t need room to open out
  • have bigger cupboards
  • look great in large sizes, with a more streamline look as they have fewer doors

WALK-IN WARDROBES                                                                                                                Our Walk-in Wardrobes section contains designs from several Italian manufacturers including styles with hard to find lacquered sliding doors, and lacquered panels/shelving.

Why a walk-in wardrobe? Walk-in wardrobes can be installed with or without doors, and doors can also be ceiling hung.  If you need advice, our designers and fitters can advise on the viability of this and suggest the composition/style that would be best, and can also do a site visit if necessary (within London).

Walk-in wardrobes work best in bedrooms where there’s an adjoining room directly off the bedroom, or perhaps an L-shaped room or even a spare room not needed as a bedroom. If you dont have these, larger bedrooms can also be fitted with stud walls to create a walk-in area.

Walk-in wardrobes are wonderfully luxurious and incredibly practical – providing an at-a-glance view of what you have stored.  They’re also completely customisable, with added accessories including drawers, glass shelves and cabinets, pull-out hangers, shoe cupboards and racks, pigeon holes and dividers etc, all in a variety of finishes from matt or gloss lacquers to wood and smoked glass to leather. Add LED lighting to the final design.

My Suite Storage System
My Suite Storage System

So, we hope that’s useful. Whichever type of wardrobe you decide on, our in-house designers can help you find the very best solution, and our expert fitters can install it for you.  Give us a ring, drop us an email, or pop into the showroom (nearest tube Fulham Broadway or plenty of metered parking in nearby roads) to discuss your requirements.

Our hinged door wardrobes can be seen here, sliding door wardrobes here and walk-in wardrobes here.

PS – We’ve also got a summer sale on at the moment – 15% off all orders over £1,000.

Wardrobes and fashionistas

Confession:  At Go Modern quite a few of us LOVE clothes. And shoes.  And handbags. Our trips to some of Europe’s capitals to meet with suppliers and discuss new designs are often punctuated with a (very) quick dash into the odd boutique (shhh – don’t tell anyone). And of course London Fashion Week starts next week – so as usual look out for some of the most exciting shows on the planet!!

But how to store it all is the question.  Well, come talk to us because wardrobes are one of our specialities and, without blowing too much of a trumpet, we have probably the largest range of Italian made freestanding and fitted wardrobes in the UK. All of our wardrobes can be built from two doors wide to as many as you need… and most importantly they have a HUGE choice of internal storage options.

We have a myriad of clever storage ideas for shoes, bags, umbrellas, sports equipment, keys… some even have chargers for mobile phones and other electronic stuff…and, of course, clothes. There are pull-out apothecary-style sections, corner cupboards with swing out trays, pull down rails  – in essence our made-to-measure wardrobes are the ‘haute couture’ for your home.

Lema Warm wardrobe
Lema Warm wardrobe

And if you’re a fashionista you’re almost certainly into colours and textures. We can do that too. Most of our wardrobes come in dozens of beautiful fashion-led colours or finishes, such as the stunning Lema Warm wardrobe above which is upholstered in hide with the profiles and handles in an uber stylish bronzed anodised aluminium.

Novamobili Curved wardrobe
Novamobili Curved wardrobe

Got an angled wall or an awkward corner?  We love those. The Novamobili Curved wardrobe above is a fabulous example of what you can do with a space you had no idea what to do with.  We work with a number of different wardrobe manufacturers with a huge range of designs and we’ve never come across any design like this.

Jesse Walk-in Wardrobe
Jesse Walk-in Wardrobe

Jesse make an incredible range of wardrobes.  The Jesse Walk-in Wardrobe (above) is in their fab new finish, satin white, and fulfills that fantasy all fashionistas have… a walk-in-closet!  It’s a knee trembler isnt it.  One of our team once had a tour round Tammy Wynette’s walk-in closet in her house in Nashville, by the lovely lady herself no less, and it was seriously impressive, housing every single stage dress she’d ever worn, and a few more. But you dont have to be a famous country singer to have a walk-in.  No siree… if you have an L-shaped bedroom or even a large room that can be partitioned then darn it – Tammy would be proud of you!

Schoenbuch Basic Shoe Cupboard
Schoenbuch Basic Shoe Cupboard

Shoes.  Cant live without them.  Can never have too many of them.  That’s why we love this slim line shoe cupboard from the masters of slim-line storage ideas Schoenbuch. Their Basic Shoe Cupboard is just genius and sooo neat.  We’ve got one in the Kings Road showroom at the moment, in a beautiful dove blue, and it’s turning a lot of heads we can tell you.  And deservedly so as the design starts from a depth of just 20cm, so if you’re tight on space here’s the answer!  The Basic also comes in 26 different gloss/matt lacquer colours… which should satisfy even the most demanding of fashionistas amongst us!

You can see the full range of wardrobes at Go Modern here. Happy shopping!

Lema – the latest luxury brand to join Go Modern

We mentioned at the beginning of the year an exciting new name to join the Go Modern family, Lema, one of Italy’s most prestigous brands – and the perfect name to complement our other luxury brands.

If you know Lema at all you will know that its world famous name is synonymous with attention to detail, the highest quality materials and an ability to create unique pieces of furniture.  The company is based in the heart of the Northen Italian Brianza furniture making district and has been producing beautifully made furniture since the 1940s.

Lema is one of Europe’s best wardrobe and bookcase/wall unit specialists (their Elegant wardrobe is a best seller already!), and they also have a fantastic collection of sofas, beds, bedroom furntiture, and dining tables, as well as exquisite one-off pieces.

The Fina Sliding door wardrobe is a great example of the kind of design Lema is known for; a sleek, natual anodized aluminium frame surrounding matt or gloss lacquered door panels.  There’s also a huge choice of 40 colours in matt lacquer and four in the lacquered glass. Sizes too are varied, with three heights and several widths.  Superb!

Fina Sliding Door wardrobe
Lema Fina Sliding Door wardrobe

We love the Selecta bookcase system so much it’s being installed in our showroom as we type! Lema introduced their first free-standing bookcase system back in 1978, and Selecta is the bang-up-to-the-minute evolutionary result. With over 30 years of experience in creating these systems, Selecta incorporates the best of everything to date – and it’s one of the most versatile shelving systems around today. Pop in, have a look and be impressed!

The Mustique sofa is one of Lemas newest designs, created for them by Gordon Guillaumier. And it’s gorgeous. Wide and elegant, with a slim, metal structure and slimline cushions that are so, so comfortable.  The leather version, seen here, also has raw ‘unfinished’ seams on the boxy arms giving it, we think, a really cool, urban look.

Mustique sofa
Lema Mustique sofa

We have quite simply fallen in love with Wing – an achingly beautiful piece of craftmanship.  Designed in 2012 by Werner Aisslinger all we can say is: stunning (and we try not to use that word too often!).  It’s made from light oak and has a beautifully sinuous petal shape, with the natural wood grain shown-off to its best within the curved sweep of the design. And if that isn’t enough, Aisslinger has created another treat for you – when you turn Wing around, a ‘spine’ of solid wood is revealed giving the whole piece a striking architectural feel… its a kind of ‘weak at the knees’ piece…

Wing chair
Lema Wing Chair

And if you’re looking for something a little bit different, a collector’s piece … then the one-of-a-kind Booken by Yael and Shay at Raw Edges for Lema will get your pulse racing.  They’ve taken the ‘concept of the book as an object, transformed its function, and reinvetned it’.  And thus you have Booken – a quirky and totally unique bookcase: storage for your favourite books (also allowing you to ‘mark’ your favourite pages), a side table and bookshelf in one.  And if it suits your room style more you can also wall hang Booken. It comes with 20 oak ‘book-marks’ and you can order extra if you need them.

Booken bookcase
Lema Booken bookcase

Taking pride of place in our Kings Road window at the moment is the Novelist writing desk by the internationally renowned Christophe Pillet.  It was one of Lema’s key pieces at the Milan show and so deserved its centre stage presence.  In rue Pillet style, it cleverly evokes a traditional writing desk with a great modernist-retro look.  It’s made in sold canaletto walnut with a coffee-coloured leather insert in the desk top, plus an exciting and very neat pop-up inlay for your pens and pencils.  A chrome-plated steel frame and two ultra slim side-drawers complete the look. Absolutely no excuses for not finishing that book now!

Novelist writing desk
Lema Novelist writing desk




A New Year, with some exciting new brands

As anyone who is familiar with us knows, we like to keep moving! 2013 saw the introduction of several exciting new brands, Brittos (well made, great value Portuguese lacquered & wooden furniture), Mogg (cutting edge designer furniture) & Michael Tyler Quadro (brilliant UK made sofas) as well as the introduction of a range of hand made box spring luxury mattresses to fit our European bed sizes.  But its a new year, and we have several exciting new brands lined up for 2014.

First up, Ozzio Design. Masters of the transformable table, Italian company Ozzio use the very best German mechanisms to create tables that start out as console tables or coffee tables, & transform into stylish full size dining tables. No one has a larger collection of these than Ozzio, who also have a great range of extending dining tables & non extending coffee/dining tables, & their quality is superb, with everything designed to withstand plenty of use & to last for years.  Its a large collection, so we will be introducing it gradually – but we have two of Ozzio’s most popular pieces in our showroom, the Metro extending dining table in tobacco oak & anthracite, & the Box transformable coffee table. With homes in London shrinking we think these versatile tables will have plenty of interest.

Ozzio Box Transformable Table

We are also thrilled to announce the addition of top Italian manufacturer Lema to our stable. Lema are one of Italy’s most prestigious brands & will complement our collections from Jesse, Novamobili, 8emezzo & SMA Mobili perfectly. A luxury brand, Lema wont be right for all of our customers, but their combination of flawless quality, stunning design & incredible flexibility mean that they are already very well known to Designer/Architects & specifiers, & we look forward to introducing them. Lema specialise in high end wardrobes & bookcases/wall units & are the go-to brand for luxury, contemporary home offices/libraries. They also have a brilliant range of bedroom furniture, as well as sofas, coffee tables & smaller stand alone pieces.

Another big collection, we will probably introduce Lema online slowly. The product is too technical to put on the website properly, so we will be quoting this on request to start with. Great for both contract & private clients, our wonderful installation team are already familiar with their products & we will shortly have a large bookcase/wall unit & wardrobe in the showroom, as well as one of their fabulous sofas & their latest home office desk.

Lema Selecta Bookcase

Finally, we have 8emezzo, a Pianca brand. We started introducing 8emezzo late last year, but have only a fraction of their fabulous collection online. Designed to be a fresher, younger take on the very well established Pianca range, 8emezzo have some original walk in wardrobes (some which dont require back panels, a first for us), standard wardrobes, wall units & bookcases as well as much sought after UK King size beds with matching bedroom furniture. Great for both the private & contract markets 8emezzo combine the design & responsiveness of a new brand with the huge resources of their parent brand.

8emezzo Wonder Bed

So, just like 2013, 2014 promises to be another great year for Go Modern, as well as for our lovely customers – both existing & new!

Fitted Wardrobes – The Debate

We have recently added a new fitted wardrobes section on to our website,  & are having an internal debate as to whether our wardrobes qualify as fitted.. on the ‘Yes’ side

  • Our installers can install filler panels/MDF around the edges so that they look like they are part of the wall
  • We have so many sizes to choose from we can get something very close to what you are looking for
  • We can have the tops & sides cut to order, including at an angle & non glass doors can cut as well. We can have the depth reduced, but then none of the fabulous Italian internal accessories fit.
  • You can choose your own internal layout to suit.

In the ‘No’ camp

  • Each wardrobe needs a back & sides, nothing is attached to the wall.
  • Wardrobes can be stand on their own & can be moved when you move.
  • Because we need a few cms on the sides & top spare to install them there will always be a gap – which can then be covered by our fitters, but is still a gap

Here are a few examples of what is possible.

Alfa Fitted Wardrobe

Liscia Fitted Wardrobe
Liscia Fitted Wardrobe

Hinged or Sliding Door Wardrobes, Which Is Best?

We have a large selection of both hinged door & sliding door wardrobes, from Italy but our customers often want to know which they should choose. Well, they both have advantages & disadvantages…

Hinged Door Wardrobes have the largest choice of sizes, & are available in small sizes from 90cm wide up. Their doors usually have handles, many of which are a real design feature, & there is a great choice of colours & textures. Available in a large number of different size increments, these wardrobes can also be fitted into corners, which most sliding door wardrobes don’t do. In addition, they can be less expensive than sliding door wardrobes, especially once you start looking at gloss lacquer or special glass doors. Fitted wardrobes are made by putting ‘filler panels’ of the main wardrobe or door material on the side of your wardrobe so that there are no visible spaces (these will need to be ordered with the wardrobe).  Wardrobes with hinged doors can also be cut to fit into angles, for a loft, under the stairs etc.

Alfa Fitted Wardrobe
Alfa Fitted Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes are perfect for large spaces. Although they don’t have as many choices of sizes we have four different collections, so should be able to provide a close fit & like hinged door wardrobes can be fitted with panels of the wardrobe finish at the ends to make them fitted wardrobes. The minimum size of sliding door wardrobe is 2 metres & they usually look better in even larger sizes. An advantage of  sliding door wardrobes is that the doors don’t open outwards, which means that not as much room is needed in front of them. These wardrobes don’t fit in corners, although we have a model that does (the Dover sliding door wardrobe, the only one we have ever seen).

Style Sliding Door Wardrobe
Style Sliding Door Wardrobe

So, in a nutshell

Wardrobes with hinged doors

  • are less expensive
  • are smaller
  • can be cut to fit under angled ceilings & stairs
  • can be fitted in corners
  • have some fantastic handles to chose from

Sliding door wardrobes

  • are larger
  • can’t be cut at angles
  • have a more restricted choice of sizes
  • can save space as doors don’t need room to open out
  • have bigger cupboards
  • Look great in large sizes, as they have fewer doors

Which ever type of wardrobe you decide on our in house designers can help you find the very best solution, & our expert fitters can install it for you – either in or just outside London, or in/near Edinburgh. To talk about your requirements please feel free to contact us by email, phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom at 565 Kings Rd, London SW6 2EB (nearest tube Fulham Broadway.

Our hinged door wardrobes can be found here, & our sliding door wardrobes can be found here.

Our Wardrobes – A Quick Guide

We have an absolutely enormous range of fitted wardrobes, all from Italy. We have six different modern wardrobe collections, because each range has it’s strengths, & is put together in slightly different size increments. So, for example, if you want a sliding door wardrobe with gloss lacquer doors you will have four different ranges to choose from, one of which will be exactly the right size for your space, even though the wardrobe doors of all four will all be very similar. In addition to different sizes each different range has a few ‘stand out’ door designs, which are completely unique to that range, so we have a lot of really fabulous contemporary designs as well as the (best selling) plain ones.

Although we have a huge collection to choose from not all are on our website, but we have dedicated in house designers who can navigate through our different ranges & find the right size & finish for you. They will work with you to decide how you would like your wardrobe fitted out, & can give you a diagram of the layout you decide on. It is usually better to do this in our showroom if you want to see specific colours or finishes, but it is not unknown for customers to buy a wardrobe after ringing & emailing us, as our fitted wardrobes are Italian, all of a very high standard. If you’re choosing white, black or plain mirrored doors it’s more than possible to buy without visiting our showroom, although we don’t install outside Scotland or the M25 (we have not found a furniture fitter that meets our standards – we are very fussy). Our team of expert fitters have years of experience with luxury brands & can make alterations on site to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Our fitted wardrobes are divided into three sections, hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes & walk in wardrobes. Each different type has it’s advantages & disadvantages, & we can help you decide which is best for you.

Hinged Door Wardrobes have the largest choice of sizes, & are available in small sizes from 90cm wide up. These doors usually have handles & there is a great choice of textures, handle designs etc. As the cabinets are smaller than sliding door wardrobes they can be the most effective use of space. These are the least expensive & can be installed in corners.

Sliding Door Wardrobes look fantastic in large spaces. Although they don’t have as many choices of sizes we have four different collections, so should be able to provide a close fit. The minimum size is 2 metres & they usually look better in even larger sizes. An advantage of sliding door wardrobes is that the doors don’t open outwards, which means that not as much room is needed in front of them. They don’t fit in corners, although we have a model that does (the only one we have ever seen).

Walk In Wardrobes are such a fantastic idea if you have the room for them. We have four different ranges (more than anyone else in the UK) & our finishes include Canaletto walnut, dark oak, white ash, all white, & lacquer colours, a nice change from the very traditional all wood usually available. Doors are completely optional, & are usually made in clear or smoked glass, which isn’t always what our clients want, so we have a collection that can have beautiful gloss lacquer doors, which are fixed to the ceiling. Usually walk in wardrobes have panels that are fixed to the walls, but one of our ranges has a structure that is free standing, so does not need to be fixed. Three of our collections are also part of home office furniture & wall unit/bookcase ranges so are perfect for spare bedrooms & teenagers bedrooms, where clothing can be hung & stored in style in small spaces & desks, bookcases etc can be integrated with them.

Handbag storage for wardrobes

At last! Someone has realised women have more than one handbag & need somewhere safe to keep them! When I say someone, I mean Italian brand Bimax who are often ahead of the curve when it comes to wardrobes. Borrowing from a concept in kitchen design this unit can be added as another slimline cabinet, or incorporated inside the wardrobe (or both if you have too many bags). Its uber space efficient & uses the full depth of the wardrobe – 60cm & is easy to pull out & push in.

Its just the right size too, with each shelf tall enough & deep enough for most bags (& hats) & as each of the shelves also has a ledge handbags will stay safe, stored upright instead of stacked on top of each other.

Handbag Storage For Bimax Linea Wardrobe
Handbag Storage For Bimax Linea Wardrobe
Bimax Wardrobes Internal Handbag Storage Unit
Bimax Wardrobes Internal Handbag Storage Unit

My favourite wardrobe accessory of all time. See it here or see all of our wardrobe accessories here. Unfortunately it is only available with our Bimax wardrobes, but out other wardrobes have some great accessories of their own in our wardrobes section here.