Guaranteed beauty sleep for family & friends

Autumn is definitely in the air and we’ve also started thinking a little further ahead to Christmas.  The season of goodwill – and playing host to a myriad of family and friends. Which is great but, if you are anything like some of us at Go Modern, the perennial problem of where to put everyone/no room at the inn is, well, a perennial one.

So we got to thinking about how we could help and make everyone a little happier.  And thus the idea of a special sofabed, exclusive to Go Modern, was born.

The Happy Sofa Bed will, we’re hoping, be the bed of your dreams (and those of your guests).  Designed exclusively for us by Italian specialist Vibieffe, Happy is a stylish two-seater sofa that looks for all the world like the up-market, high quality, contemporary sofa that it is. But it’s also so much more.

Happy Sofa Bed
Happy Sofa Bed

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Not too early to be thinking about Christmas!!

Yes, we know it’s (mostly) sunny outside and you’re probably (mostly) on holiday… but we thought this might be a good time to start you thinking about CHRISTMAS!  The UK press has been thinking about it for the past month or so and all the Christmas summer press shows have already taken place (this is where journalists & stylists rush around central London in the heat, eating mince pies and thinking unseasonable thoughts, all working on their Christmas issues).

So, on to Christmas furniture.  Do you remember how last year you swore you wouldn’t host another Christmas without the right size dining table?  Well, now’s the time to start looking.  We have some fabulous new tables including a masterpiece of design from Alivar, one of Italy’s top brands.  The Oblique extends from 200cm right up to 280cm without altering its shape and the legs always stay at the end of the table – so there’s no need to play footsie (unless you want to!).

Alivar Oblique extending dining table
Alivar Oblique extending dining table

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Mr Penrose and his Alpacas!

We sell incredible beds here at Go Modern … in fact incredible everything really.  And last week we came across some more incredible designs that would go very nicely with our incredible beds!

Penrose Products  is a family run business that hand-makes luxury bedding using British alpaca fibre (alpacas look a bit like sheep with long necks in case you’re wondering, and the funkier, rarer ones even have what appear to be dreadlocks!).  It’s all sustainably sourced and very, very comfortable.  Mr Penrose describes alpaca wool as the ‘fibre of the gods’ for its extraordinary qualities.  It’s softer than cashmere while at the same time allowing you to keep a perfect body heat, all year round (even on sultry nights like we’re having now). It’s also breathable, absorbs moisture, deters dust mites, chemical free, non allergenic and totally eco-friendly.  What’s not to like?  And having tried their gorgeous pillows for ourselves we can honestly say WOW! they really do provide a superb night’s sleep!  They feel quite weighty but as soon as your head touches base … you’re away!  Definitely no more counting sheep (or alpacas in this case!). Continue reading “Mr Penrose and his Alpacas!”

Our Lovely Contemporary Sofa Beds From Italy

As we are London based we are well aware of the need to make the most of your space, & one of the best ways to do this is with a contemporary sofa bed. A room that would usually be kept as a guest room is often also used as a study, but many people in London don’t even have a spare room, which is where sofa beds really come into their own.

The problem with sofa beds has always been that they are not that comfortable either as a sofa or as a bed, with thin mattresses & cushions that don’t mask the fact that there is a metal mechanism just below them. They are usually available in a very limited number of styles, & getting one that sits off the ground on contemporary legs has been completely impossible. Continue reading “Our Lovely Contemporary Sofa Beds From Italy”