Milan – the Trends

We’re just back from our annual trip to Salone del Mobile – the largest furniture show in the world! It’s based about 20 minutes outside of Milan in an exhibition hall (or to be precise 24 halls!) covering around 700,000 square feet. And sore feet of the human kind are what we usually return with! But far overriding that is a tremendous sense of what an incredibly creative industry we work in. It’s humbling to be amongst such a hugely talented number of people – from the designers to the manufacturers – who each year come up with even more inspiring products and ideas. It’s also the place where, as a retailer, you get a sense of the trends – what’s coming next in interiors. So ‘Milan- the Trends’ is what we can then share with you, along with some amazing new designs.

Milan -the Trends

Having said all of that, we’re not great ones for following ‘trends’.  It has a slight ‘here today gone tomorrow’ feel to it.  And that is definitely not what Go Modern is about. Although ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ run through our DNA, high quality, longevity and value for money are equally important.

However, it’s hard not to see recurring patterns or trends while you are taking in the visual feast that is Salone.  So, the following is a brief round up of what caught our eye.

Milan – the Trends. Velvet.

Yes.  Velvet.  It’s been around forever and began to make a big comeback a few years ago.  And again, it was everywhere at the show. Luxurious, comforting and stylish.  We love it (we also saw it on a fair few Milanese – and who can disagree with the residents of what is after all the fashion capital of the world!).

Saba Italia – Rendez – Vous

The beautiful new gently curved sofa, Rendez-Vous, above was designed for Saba Italia by Sergio Bicego.  For the show it was covered in the most sumptuous pale blue velvet.  We’re ashamed to say that we spent a lot of time admiring and stroking this particular version.  The new Rendez-Vous is also a  modular design with various elements that can be fixed/moved according to taste – which was another great Milan trend from a number of suppliers (although we have championed modular design for many years).

Quilted velvet

And here is more velvet, seen above on a new Bonaldo sofa, this time with some creative quilting in beautifully organic shapes, rather than the traditional diamond shape we usually associate with this style. We saw a great deal of quilted fabrics around and it definitely ticked all the right boxes for us.

Milan – the Trends. Colour.

As far as colour goes – there was a lot of it.  Many brands paid tribute to ‘Living Coral’, Pantone’s colour of the year.  Stands were bathed in shades of terracotta, mustard, orange, deep pinks and all the many vibrant, associated colours.  We love shades of grey, usually run a mile from taupe, but totally embrace this new move to a more colourful world.  We definitely need more colour in our lives at the moment and designers are obviously responding to this universal feeling.  One colour that did jump out at us, and which was used by many of the exhibitors we visited, was bottle green.  It’s a colour some of us associate with school uniforms (OK – just us then) but this time we completely fell in love with it.  And it wasn’t  just fabrics – it also appeared in lots of marble finishes too.

Bonaldo Big Table

Seen above is Alain Gilles’ Big Table, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year.  And to mark the occasion, Bonaldo showed it in Milan with the most stunning green table top, St Denis, a marble that is quarried in Italy.  There was also lots of creative use of foliage, either in wallpapers, fabrics, or the real things.  So continuing the trend for keeping in touch with the natural environment and decorating with plants.

Tonelli Eastside sideboard

More green marble (above) spotted on the Tonelli stand (which by the way was designed by Uto Balmoral this year – and very striking it was too!).  Here it is on their new Eastside sideboard, with the top in a beautiful and very striking green Guatemala marble.  It also comes in a red Arabesque marble.  See what we mean about colour everywhere this year.

Milan – the Trends. Metallics.

Another recurring theme and of which none of us appear to have tired is metallic. There were some fantastic finishes on display using leads and bronzes on tables, beds, chairs and mirrors.  A metallic finish adds a real sense of drama to a piece and can lift a routine design to another level, adding style and a touch of luxury.

Metallic finishes

It also doesn’t need to be all over a design. The old adage ‘more is less’ or ‘don’t gild the lily’, literally, works well here.  The coffee/side tables above have legs and table top rims in various metallic finishes which look superb.

Milan – the Trends.  Wardrobes.

We love them.  Go Modern specialises in wardrobes.  If you are looking for the perfect wardrobe to fit a difficult space, or simply the latest, most innovative ideas for making the most of your storage space talk to us.

But if the thought of ‘wardrobe talk’ makes you glaze over, think again. We spent time with wardrobe specialists Jesse and Novamobili talking through their latest innovations.  There are now so many clever ideas out there that even the most sartorially challenged of us will be amazed and impressed.

Innovative wardrobe ideas

And there really are some big new developments in this area. If you’re in the middle of choosing a wardrobe you’ll know how important it is to get it right from the earliest planning stages.

Amongst the latest innovations are illuminated shelves that can be re-positioned without the need for rewiring, all using eco-friendly, low power.  Also discreet humidifiers with scented fragrances (the new equivalent of lavender bags), alongside pleasingly soft-close doors (hinged or sliding)  guaranteed to enhance marital harmony (well… we cant guarantee that one but it all helps!).

Illuminated, low-power shelves

Milan – the Trends. Children.

Well not children exactly.  But designs for children.  Along with clothes, Italians are well known for adoring little ones.  Which might explain why one of the best companies around producing furniture for children is Italian.  Nidi is an extraordinary brand that has cornered the market in clever, imaginative and stylish ideas for children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

This year the look was very much more Scandi.  More pastels and neutrals and a great sense of order and calm – kids, in our experience, will never be short on adding their own sense of drama. We were seriously impressed with the styled room sets and the impressive quality of the materials, plus the company’s impeccable attention to detail.  Nidi’s social media tag for the show was #NidiWow.  And we’d so agree with that.

Nidi bed – fab storage ideas

From storage beds to wall units, writing desks with pin boards and adjustable shelving, to corner seating with storage (have you spotted the recurring ‘S’ word here?) Nidi has it all.  The name means ‘nest’ in Italian, a cosy, protected place for rearing youngsters.  The beauty, ergonomics, safety and functionality of all their design is incredibly impressive. They simply produce the best possible furniture for playing, sleeping, learning and growing.  #NidiWow – just WOW!


So there you have it.  Milan – the Trends.  Even though we don’t entirely approve of trends.  Hopefully that has given you a  small taste of this year’s Milan highlights.  Look out for all the new additions being added to the Go Modern website very soon.


Top Tips: Interior Trends for 2019


Sometimes it’s difficult to get a handle on emerging trends…are metallics STILL with us, will taupe ever go away? But this season we’ve had no problems spotting what’s going to be BIG in the world of interiors next year.  Think COLOUR.

Beautiful jewel tones: sapphire blues and yellows, garnet reds, emerald greens, aqua marine… wonderfully rich colours that will breathe life into a room, complement  existing schemes or add a striking pop of colour to a room (for those of us still in love with our Down Pipe Grey walls – you know who you are).

Bonaldo Panorama Collection
Bonaldo Panorama Collection

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We’re very partial to a bit of monochrome at Go Modern – despite the in-your-face trend at Milan this year being a whole raft of designs produced in hot, zingy, jewel colours.

So the latest exhibition at the National Gallery is the place we’ll be heading to for some inspiration over the next few weeks.  Their ‘Monochrome’ exhibition looks fab, with over 50 works from the last 700 years to the present on glass, vellum, ceramic silk, wood and canvas.  According to the National Gallery blurb, ‘Monochrome’ is “a radical look at what happens when artists cast aside the colour spectrum and focus on the visual power of black and white, and everything in between.” Love it.  And the National Gallery is also one of our fave places for afternoon tea, with amazing views over the rooftops and down to the Houses Of Parliament.  Cake and art – got to be one of the world’s best combos!

So, a little curated Go Modern gallery here of some of our latest black and white designs.

Tonelli Design Metropolis table
Tonelli Design Metropolis table


Pretty and practical: Our latest design-led garden furniture

We’re still deep in garden furniture mode at Go Modern.  As the weather begins to improve (ahem) and the days certainly are longer it’s all about getting back outside, keeping the borders watered and that first cut of the lawn.

We’ve more new outdoor designs to show you here and some of the prettiest furniture we’ve seen in a while, starting with one of our newest partners Saba Italia.  But it’s not just about the aesthetics, striking as they are, as with all our outdoor designs they have to meet our strict criteria for robust materials and advanced technology.

Saba Italia are a young Venetian brand where fashion meets furniture meets – exceedingly good design.  They have produced two new outdoor chairs that are beautifully decorative and quite different from the norm.

Saba Italia Grace
Saba Italia Grace

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Milan Design Week – materials and craftmanship

Milan Design Week is one of the highlights of the year at Go Modern.  The international furniture show, Salone del Mobile, spread across 20 exhibition halls is packed with exciting new designs and stands that, in some cases, could be theatre sets.

The city of Milan comes alive with visitors (the official figure for the show alone is a staggering 372,151) with pop-up shops, street installations, show room openings and a few cocktail parties thrown in for good measure. Known for it’s food, fashion and museums in Milan – Italy is at the center of the socio-culture world of today.  And it’s where we see the latest designs from our partners and keep an eagle-eye out for new products that we know our customers will love. Continue reading “Milan Design Week – materials and craftmanship”

Marvellous Marble!

Anyone pounding the vast exhibition halls of the international furniture show Salone Del Mobile, earlier this year (sore feet?  Yes!), will have noticed that one of the themes shouting very loudly was MARBLE. The marble trend has been creeping back for a while, in all its glorious forms, with even more gloriously exotic names:  Calcatta Gold, Emperador, Marquina black and Carrara white.  And it was everywhere at the prestigious Milan show.

Luxury brand Vibieffe have used it (below) on their Opera dining table – incredibly glamorous (and we really do like a bit of glamour at Go Modern!)

Vibieffe Opera dining table
Vibieffe Opera dining table

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Milan Design Week – international furniture event of the year!

In the line of duty a small team from Go Modern pounded the 24 exhibition halls of Salone Del Mobile last week – Italy’s stylish, hot furniture event.  It’s the centre of international design in the furniture world, where emerging designers plus some of the biggest names around (with stands the size of Italian football pitches) exhibit their latest creations.  We came back to London with notebooks brimming with ideas and tons of exciting new furniture pieces to share (plus extremely sore feet.. which we wont share!).

So, what are the hot trends for the next furniture season..?

Masses of beautiful, sumptuous, luxurious velvet is the hot ticket – in a kaleidoscopic array of colours from the subtle and classic to the rich and juicy.

Velvet armchairs
Velvet armchairs

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Milan – bringing home all the fun of the fair

The fabulous Salone del Mobile last month, one of the world’s most exciting furniture fairs, attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors through its doors and had some truly amazing new designs on offer.  We spotted so many superb pieces that we can’t wait to show you … so here’s a little taster of just a few of the great designs we spotted from two of our favourite brands.

Bonaldo is always ahead of the design field and never fails to impress us with its inspirational pieces. They also make incredible sofa beds … and what puts them ahead of the game is … that their sofa beds don’t LOOK like sofa beds – that’s the last thing you want in your living room!  The new Bandy sofa bed, designed by Vittorio Prevedello, is no exception. It’s got a great modern-retro look to it along with removable fabric or leather covers, and edged stitching in the same or contrasting colours.  It’s also a cinch to operate with an easy, manual mechanism designed to move the seat forward and simultaneously lower the backrest (because when you’re tired and you want to go to bed you really don’t want to be having a fight with a sofa bed!).

Bonaldo Sofa Bed
Bonaldo Sofa Bed

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Great new designs from Bonaldo – and always a good back story

We’re still buzzing from our trip to Milan’s Salone del Mobile and all the incredibly inspiring new designs … lot’s of striking exhibition sets and new products – including Italian furniture-maker supreme Bonaldo.  And one of the things that we love about Bonaldo (we know, we know – we’ve mentioned ‘love/Bonaldo’ in the same sentence before) is that there’s always an interesting little back story to everything they do.

Their Octa table (Octa’s Greek for eight… but you knew that…) is also the number of  legs supporting this fabulous new table, with a look, we’re told, inspired by the traditional game of Mikado or pick-up sticks!  Definitely a major game player as far as we’re concerned.

Octa dining table
Bonaldo Octa dining table

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Tonelli Design 2013 News – glass furniture wizardry

Stand out gorgeous at the Milan furniture fair was Italian designer/manufacturer Tonelli, who make superb high quality glass furniture.  World famous for their research and experimentation, Tonelli are way ahead of the field with innovative glass design.

These masterpieces in ‘glass art’ (they really are!) not only look stunning but feature perfectly mitred joins, seamless glass panels and shatterproof glass – and in the five years we’ve worked with them we have never had a breakage!

Among the Milan highlights for us were the eye-catching Bakkarat glass side tables  designed by D’Urbino for Tonelli, with a thick central twisted glass post and mirrored base. And when you look at them from above you get the amazing illusion of looking down at a crystal.  Pretty cool!

Bakkarat glass side tables
Bakkarat side tables

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