New! Sofas & Armchairs

Are you sitting comfortably? We can say a resounding YES to that question. Our brand new collection of Sofas and Armchairs will definitely ensure you’re sitting comfortably. The latest designs were all launched in Milan in April and we’re excited to share these edited highlights with you.

Contemporary styles. Clever designs. Investment buys.  If, like us, those are your buzz words you will love the crop of this year’s exquisite new pieces.

Relax into your Living Space

Exciting new designs include soft and enveloping shapes, with a definite move away from sharp, angular corners. Many structures are clearly visible, and very much a part of the design aesthetic. Backrests and legs  run around the outside of pieces in a choice of  lacquered metals.  And fabrics are all about texture and colour.  Fans of velvet and bouclé will not be disappointed. Those who love quilting will be thrilled with the wide range of quilted finishes in fun, organic shapes.  Plus colour. It’s all about colour at the moment.  Lots of it in an abundance of kaleidoscopic shades.

Visible Structures

Bonaldo Corallo armchair & footstool

Designers have definitely gone all ‘Centre Pompidou’ on us this year. And Bonaldo’s Corallo armchair (above) by Paolo Grasselli is a perfect example of a piece that wears its internal structure proudly on the outside.

The slim, lacquered metal frame rises from the seat base to wrap and support the body. Grasselli has created a light-weight, branch like frame which was inspired by the shapes of coral.  Made for comfort, the extra deep cushions have removable covers in a huge variety of fabrics and colours. For extra drama, it’s also possible to highlight the frame by choosing a contrasting lacquer. A fabulous accent chair such as this will always be a stylish and versatile addition to any room.

Meanwhile, Bonaldo’s Structure sofa by Alan Gilles is a sofa of contrasts.  The Structure’s metal frame is sometimes evident and at others concealed.  As a result, it’s a sofa that enjoys playing a game with visuals.  Soft and firm surfaces. A visible and invisible structure. In the striking edition below, Bonaldo has used a stylish burnt orange velvet with a quilted finish.

The Structure collection is also modular with the option to create larger sofas and seating arrangements.

Bonaldo Structure sofa

It’s all about the Curves

Beautifully soft and enveloping shapes are the order of the day. Maybe its a sign of the times and we’re all looking for a little more warmth and reassurance in design.  Or perhaps we simply want styles made for good old-fashioned comfort that will stand the test of time.

Rendez-Vous, by Saba Italia, is the name given to a new sofa with plenty of curves.  And the sofa’s curved side modules perfectly complement the pure lines of the design.

Saba Italia Rendez-Vous sofa

It’s a contemporary design for the home while being robust enough for public spaces. The style of the collection offers complete flexibility in the way it can be configured.

Look out for more curves from Saba’s new Philo range (below).  Philo is a prefix of Greek origin that indicates love  and empathy towards people and things.  Just what you need for a chair! The minimalist look also incorporates deep upholstery and curvy silhouettes – an ideal design for homes and offices.


Saba Italia Philo collection

Contemporary Luxury


Porada Vera armchair

Every year we have a little swoon when we visit the Porada stand at Salone del Mobile.  For one simple reason. Quality and craftsmanship. OK – that’s two.

The Vera chair (above) designed by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti is a great example.  It features their signature solid canaletta walnut with a smooth and delicately curved frame while the backrest is made in Cuoietto leather.  This is an updated version of their earlier design and features a majestic high backrest. Perfect.

Symmetry in Style

With the slimmest of arms and perfectly upholstered backrest there is ample seat space in Alivar’s new Zoe armchair.


Alivar Zoe armchair

The design, by Bavuso Giuseppe, has a stylish symmetry.  It’s pleasing on the eye and we guarantee this will become a future favourite. Add your own personal touch by choosing from a wide range of fabrics, suedes and leathers.

So, a small round up here of some of our latest Sofa and Armchair designs.  Not all are on our website yet but if there is anything you like please give our showroom a ring (020 7731 9540) for more information.  Our team are always happy to help and can offer samples of materials, fabrics and finishes for you to look at at home.  Oooh – and we currently have our summer sale,  so this could be the perfect sofa surfing time.


50 Shades of ‘Living Coral’ – 2019 trends

We rather like ‘Living Coral’, Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year.  It may be diving in at the deep end for some, but we love all the associated shades of cinnamon, terracotta, orange, pink and amber that this warm colour embraces. And our brands seem to like them too.  So jump on in and take a look at some of our latest pieces in all the exciting variations of this on trend hue.

Miniform’s Lem armchair

Shades of coral for fabrics

Quirky Italian brand Miniform’s loves playing with colour and shape. Their latest design is Lem, a beautifully soft and sinuous collection designed by Francesco Beghetto.  The Lem design has a tubular structure and is fully covered in fabric. Their are four pieces in the range: a two or three seater sofa, an armchair (above) and a footstool.

Lem has 37 different fabrics to choose from, including lots of coral shades such as the wonderfully sounding ‘regal orange’, ‘abstract yellow’ and ‘tram orange’.

Novamobili Cube Chest of Drawers

Shades of coral for lacquer finishes

And it’s not just fabrics that have gone 50 shades of coral.  Novamobili’s new contemporary storage range, Cube, is offered in 25 different matt lacquer finishes.  Lots of beautifully warm shades… think ochre, tangerine, garnet and  salmon. Additionally, you can mix-and-match any of these colours, as in the styled image above, where Novamobili has used a combination of salmon pink and garnet red on the different drawer sections. We absolutely love this combination and the flexibility of the design.

Rock the coral look

Mogg is a relatively new furniture company that first exhibited in Milan in 2012.  We fell in love with them on the spot!  In short, they cleverly cross the border between art and design in a world where mass production has sometimes left this far behind.

The Closer rocking-armchair was designed by Marzia and Leo Dainelli for Mogg and it’s a seriously sleep-inducing (in a good way!) piece of work. The deep upholstery envelops you in its dreamy softness, like a duvet locking out the coldest of winter chills. The filling is reinforced with feathers and the removable cover comes in velvet, finest wool or leather. Plus, the slim, black metal structure creates a rhythmic, gentle rocking motion.  It’s perfect for a living room or nursery… or anywhere you want to feel hugged and cosy.

Mogg Closer rocking-armchair

Translucent coral

We’ve seen shades of coral used across lots fabrics and lacquer finishes but the clever design team at Tonelli have also used it in some of their latest glass creations.  Each table in their new range, ‘Country of Wonders’, has been made using a unique technique where glass fragments are hand poured into cone and sphere shaped moulds.

Tonelli Turchina side/coffee table

And this striking coffee/side table is one of the amazing results.  We love that the translucency of the glass also adds extra warmth to the design.

Coral for any room in the house

We reckon Coral has ‘shades of’ that will work for any room in the house.  And depending on your taste there are variations that would fit with almost any style of interior. The deep, vibrant red of the plush velvet covers on Bonaldo’s new Lovy armchair (below) look stunning against the white walls.  The stylist has also used a piece of modern art featuring large, over-blown flowers with shades of coral stripes on the petals that beautifully reflect the colours in the chair. The paler pastels of the carpet also allows the Lovy to confidently take centre stage.

Bonaldo Lovy low armchair

The Lovy was designed by Sergio Bicego for Bonaldo.  In our book this would be a perfect armchair for a living room, bedroom or large bathroom.  It has an enveloping, oval shape and generous width. But if the dramatic colour used here is a shade too bold for you, there’s a huge choice of fabrics and other colours to choose from.  The feet can also be finished in a wide range of lacquer colours, including stylish metallics.

Also brand new from Bonaldo is the Panorama collection.  In addition to the terracotta fabric used in the image below, there are up to 30 other fabrics and different colours to choose from, including supplying your own choice of fabric, and a great range of leathers.

Bonaldo Panorama

Designed by Fabrice Berrux, the Bonaldo Panorama sofa is beautifully made and luxuriously comfortable with modular options to create a much larger sofa. The upholstery features a criss-cross design on the seats and the sofa comes in three widths of 200cm, 230cm and 260cm.

So what’s the story behind Living Coral?

According to Pantone’s website,’ ‘Living Coral’ embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.’ Similarly, they tell us, it is a ‘reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life….’.

Well three cheers to that!  We think that is a wonderful reason for choosing this feel good colour.  Anything that helps us switch off from the digital onslaught (although do finish reading this first!) gets our vote.  In short it’s a wonderfully warm, optimistic shade – and we could all do with some of that at the moment.

Are you ready to dive in yet and take a chance with any of the wonderful shades of coral around?

If you are, now’s a good time to take the plunge as our January sale is still on for a few more days.  With 15% off any order over £1,000, it’s an offer that should definitely leave you feeling in the pink.

Zigzag motifs, Italian style, Missoni Home


Zigzag motifs are ‘in’!  Well, they’ve never been ‘out’ to be honest.

We’ve had a long love-affair with the incredible fabrics and clothes produced by the Italian design-house Missoni.  In 2016 we were lucky enough to begin working with the company’s sub-brand Missoni Home.  We love the crazy chevron or zigzag  pattern the company is famous for.  So it was no surprise that Missoni’s imaginative use of this ancient pattern works beautifully on furniture and home accessories. Continue reading “Zigzag motifs, Italian style, Missoni Home”

Top Tips: Interior Trends for 2019


Sometimes it’s difficult to get a handle on emerging trends…are metallics STILL with us, will taupe ever go away? But this season we’ve had no problems spotting what’s going to be BIG in the world of interiors next year.  Think COLOUR.

Beautiful jewel tones: sapphire blues and yellows, garnet reds, emerald greens, aqua marine… wonderfully rich colours that will breathe life into a room, complement  existing schemes or add a striking pop of colour to a room (for those of us still in love with our Down Pipe Grey walls – you know who you are).

Bonaldo Panorama Collection
Bonaldo Panorama Collection

Continue reading “Top Tips: Interior Trends for 2019”

From Hollywood glamour to industrial chic – brand new garden furniture!

Well, aren’t you just loving the sunshine today.  Blue skies, a hint of bird song… wow… steady, we’re feeling almost spring like!

So what better time than now to introduce our brand new 2017 outdoor garden furniture collections from specialists Manutti, TribùPoint and Missoni Home!

Manutti is the the award-winning, luxury go to brand for superyachts, Hollywood villas and chic townhouses, and headlining its new line-up is  San by French designer Lionel Doyen.  Lionel previewed his wonderful new design with us during the London Design Festival last September.

Manutti San
Manutti San

Continue reading “From Hollywood glamour to industrial chic – brand new garden furniture!”


A very BIG announcement from us this month with the introduction of the most iconic of brands: Missoni!  We are thrilled to announce that Go Modern is now partnering with this very special, much loved Italian design house to sell MISSONI HOME FURNITURE.  We’ve been fans forever… so there’s much excitement in our bit of the Kings Road!

Missoni, as you are probably aware, was established in the 1950s as a small knitware business and grew to be the internationally recognized fashion brand.  Its colourful zigzag motifs, stripes, waves and patchworks of geometrics and florals are instantly recognisable. The Missoni Home line followed some years later, when the company’s beautiful fabrics were successfully transferred to a large collection of small home accessories. Continue reading “INTRODUCING MISSONI HOME FURNITURE”