In Tribute to Bauhaus

The hugely influential Bauhaus movement celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019. It’s a style that has shaped everything that we now recognise as ‘modern design’. The Bauhaus influence is also what we think of as ‘good design’, although it’s sometimes hard to understand what all the fuss was about as the Bauhaus look is so popular and universal.

Contemporary design is at the heart of everything Go Modern represents. For us it’s the vital fusion of art and craft, plus practical design and strong functionality. It’s a rejection of the overly ostentatious in favour of clean lines and simple style. Without the Bauhaus influence there would be no Go Modern.

What was the Bauhaus Movement?

The Bauhaus was a fine arts and crafts institution founded in 1919 in Wiemar, Germany.  It kick-started an exciting new way of thinking that has gone on to influence the look of many things produced today.  It also created a new type of artist.  They were to be arts and crafts people, taught in workshops rather than classrooms, learning to turn their hands to anything.  The teaching philosophy broke down the barrier between fine art and applied arts.

The movement  strongly favoured a return to individual craftsmanship. It also rejected anything overly fancy, which was a style that had dominated earlier nineteenth and twentieth century design.   The style began to emerge across buildings, furniture and home accessories, and was recognised as something simple, rational, and functional.

The other signature look of The Bauhaus was circular shapes, angular frames and abstract blocks of primary colours.

Go Modern and the Bauhaus Influence

In tribute to the special Bauhaus 100th anniversary we’ve selected some of Go Modern’s latest launches, many of which represent the very best of this iconic style.

Miniforms Mula dining chairs

We love the beautiful Mula dining chairs, designed by E-ggs for quirky Italian brand Miniforms. The curved shape echoes the ground-breaking Series 7 and Swan chairs by the great Danish designer Arne Jacobson.

Born in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen trained as a mason before studying architecture. He worked independently as an architect, interior designer, furniture, fabric and ceramics designer.  We think Jacobsen would have liked the Mula chairs – high on design and equally high on comfort.

The chairs can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, including eco-leather, a superior faux material that looks and feels like the real thing. The legs are in lacquered metal.

Miniforms Illo dining table

And staying with Miniforms, here’s the new Illo dining table which was designed by their in-house team.  For us, it’s the perfect fusion of art and craft.

The Illo’s smooth, round table top can be lacquered in seven bold, bright colours including white, dusty grey, silk grey, black, intense blue, Veronese green or Marsala red. The central column can also be lacquered in any of the same colours or, for a touch of un-Bauhaus ostentation, choose a striking, shiny copper finish.

There’s also an lllo coffee and side table to complete the look.

Miniforms Mastea coffee tables

Bauhaus + simple style

Well, we all fell in love with these Mastea tables when we saw them last month.  The simple curved bases are made from beautiful blown Murano glass, which we think is truly inspired.  As you can see from the image, there are a number of different colours to choose from – amber, blue-grey or smoked grey.  The design has been topped and bottomed with Canaletto walnut or ash. Please form an orderly queue!

Lema Taiki armchair

A brand we work a lot with is Lema; striking designs of the highest quality. New from them is the Taiki armchair, a reinterpretation of the classic 1928 modernist Le Corbusier design, with simple clear lines and beautiful, equal proportions. The Taiki was designed by Chiara Andreatti and is part of Lema’s 2018 ‘modern living room’ collection. The visible frame and legs are in heat-treated, oak tinted ash, and the deeply padded upholstery is carefully finished with hand-stitching.

Bauhaus + simple comfort

We thought it was time to feature something from our new bedroom collection.  So, taking things back to basics is Novamobii’s new Dedalo bed.  It’s simply a stylish ‘no frills’ but hugely comfortable bed with an understated contemporary elegance.

Novamobili Dedalo bed

The design has a clean lines, a tapered headboard and a frame in eco-wood, which is a stylish but practical, hard wearing matt laminate. The design is also available as a storage bed which lots of our customers love – storage space is something that’s always at a premium for everyone.  The storage version has an easy-to-use gas-lift mechanism (which we’re reliably informed allows you to lift the bed while keeping all the bedclothes in place…. a very pleasing attribute!).

Bauhaus + practical comfort

Back to the living room, the new Geo collection from the wonderful design team at Saba Italia feels like a perfect piece of Bauhaus influence.

Saba Italia Geo collection

Designed by Paolo Grasselli, the Geo range comprises a sofa, armchair and pouf.  Each piece has very deep proportions and Grasselli’s intention was for the shape to ‘hug’ the body. We can confirm that it does this so well that we developed a reluctance to move on to other exhibitor’s stands when we first tried it out in Milan! The slim line metal structure and legs also subvert the design norm by being placed visibly outside of the frame.  This idea gives the  appearance of  everything floating above the ground – and not a glass of Prosecco in sight!

And talking of Prosecco… Celebrate this great design phenomenon next year.  There are lots of events taking place around the world and here in the UK too.  Look out for them and enjoy finding out more – we’ll see you there!

Bauhaus events 2019

Some of the Bauhaus UK events we’ve found (let us know if you hear of more):

Victoria and Albert Museum

Tate Modern

London Borough of Culture

Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Stapleford Granary

White Furniture, Winter Glamour


Our Kings Road showroom has a regularly changing display of furniture, including white furniture, plus modern art.  The art is beautifully curated by our friends at Tag Fine Arts and one current piece sums up winter.  It’s called ‘Balloon’ by Dede Johnston and is over a meter wide, one of five signed editions.  The image is from a series entitled ‘The New Wilderness’, a C-type print of a scene from Courcheval, France.  It captures the perfect stillness of snow and is wonderfully ethereal. Look carefully.  A tiny hot air balloon floats above the clouds, highlighting the scale and beauty of our natural world.

Balloon by Dede Johnston

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Zigzag motifs, Italian style, Missoni Home


Zigzag motifs are ‘in’!  Well, they’ve never been ‘out’ to be honest.

We’ve had a long love-affair with the incredible fabrics and clothes produced by the Italian design-house Missoni.  In 2016 we were lucky enough to begin working with the company’s sub-brand Missoni Home.  We love the crazy chevron or zigzag  pattern the company is famous for.  So it was no surprise that Missoni’s imaginative use of this ancient pattern works beautifully on furniture and home accessories. Continue reading “Zigzag motifs, Italian style, Missoni Home”

Throw out your tablecloths!

Rapid technological change isn’t just confined to what we listen to our music on, or which smartphone update is the latest ‘can’t live without’ device. The world of furniture design is as much a part of the technological revolution as any other industry.  Leading furniture manufacturers now invest large amounts of research-effort into creating materials that not only look fantastic but outperform anything that has gone before.  The latest designs to benefit from this are dining tables with amazing, near indestructible table tops (with apologies to all manufacturers of coasters and heat resistant tablecloths here…).

Our Italian brand Bontempi Cassa is one of a number of leading manufacturers to have launched their AW2015 dining tables featuring SuperCeramica, a material which not only looks elegant and stylish but that creates a virtually indestructible table top surface.

Cruz dining table
Cruz dining table

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Porada – the latest addition to our stable!

Its official, we are now a Porada retailer!! This top Italian brand produces very grown up, sophisticated contemporary furniture in solid wood (combined with upholstery, glass & metal) and will make a fabulous addition to our other fantastic Italian brands (Jesse, Bonaldo, Lema, Tonelli, Contardi & Vibieffe to name just a few). We don’t like to add new brands for the sake of it, they need to add their own unique value and Porada’s collection of elegant dining tables, chairs, bookcases, sideboards & media units are not just ‘more of the same’ for us.

There’s only one problem though. The collection is ENORMOUS. Their master catalogue is a whopping 471 pages. This is a good thing unless you happen to be the people responsible for adding it to our website, managing the image libraries & letting our customers and the Press know we have it. Those people are (mostly) lying down with a cup of tea at the thought of the work ahead. Several of our consultants already know the products so if you want to order anything just give us a call on 020 7731 9540 or pop into our London showroom – which is rather handily just up the road from Porada’s Contract/Trade only showroom at Chelsea Harbour. Continue reading “Porada – the latest addition to our stable!”

Contemporary furniture & design – breaking the rules

We see many different styles of houses at Go Modern but the main thing we’ve noticed over time is… people break all the proscribed design rules and it can still look fabulous.  We keep an eye on all the major design titles and have some favourite blogs that keep us abreast of the latest trends.  A major design trend this year is the mixing and matching of classic style with modern design. Period houses with contemporary furniture alongside vintage pieces – and it works really well: it’s hip to mix!

A big favourite of ours is the use of ‘raw materials’, giving an industrial look to domestic interiors: visible metal beams, exposed brickwork, concrete steps etc.  And this has been reflected in many of this year’s furniture designs too.  Our new Octa table from Bonaldo for example has fabulous metal welded legs with a top that can be lacquered in matt white or anthracite grey, acid treated black/white glass, or juxtapose a softer look and choose one of the walnut tops. Fabulous.

The Octa dining table
The Octa dining table

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More child proof dining room furniture

We recently started introducing a new collection from Italy of stylish contemporary dining tables with heat proof, scratch proof tops in a new composite designed to look just like stone/wood & so far they have been doing very well. The collection is almost complete on the website (just a few sideboards to go) & now includes more dining tables, plus some lovely dining chairs in a very nice polypropilene ( a type of plastic, but they really do look great), ‘technical fabric’ (whatever that means) which are super easy to clean, as well as the ever popular eco leather, real leather & ‘Magu’, a fabric specifically chosen for it’s robust-ness. Continue reading “More child proof dining room furniture”