White Furniture, Winter Glamour


Our Kings Road showroom has a regularly changing display of furniture, including white furniture, plus modern art.  The art is beautifully curated by our friends at Tag Fine Arts and one current piece sums up winter.  It’s called ‘Balloon’ by Dede Johnston and is over a meter wide, one of five signed editions.  The image is from a series entitled ‘The New Wilderness’, a C-type print of a scene from Courcheval, France.  It captures the perfect stillness of snow and is wonderfully ethereal. Look carefully.  A tiny hot air balloon floats above the clouds, highlighting the scale and beauty of our natural world.

Balloon by Dede Johnston

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We’re very partial to a bit of monochrome at Go Modern – despite the in-your-face trend at Milan this year being a whole raft of designs produced in hot, zingy, jewel colours.

So the latest exhibition at the National Gallery is the place we’ll be heading to for some inspiration over the next few weeks.  Their ‘Monochrome’ exhibition looks fab, with over 50 works from the last 700 years to the present on glass, vellum, ceramic silk, wood and canvas.  According to the National Gallery blurb, ‘Monochrome’ is “a radical look at what happens when artists cast aside the colour spectrum and focus on the visual power of black and white, and everything in between.” Love it.  And the National Gallery is also one of our fave places for afternoon tea, with amazing views over the rooftops and down to the Houses Of Parliament.  Cake and art – got to be one of the world’s best combos!

So, a little curated Go Modern gallery here of some of our latest black and white designs.

Tonelli Design Metropolis table
Tonelli Design Metropolis table


New Year – New Art

A new year and some fabulous new and contemporary art pieces adorn the walls of the Go Modern showroom.

We’ve displayed a few pieces before from the fabulous Allan Forsyth – his Pride and Glory – Roebuck Deer was much loved and had many compliments when it graced our Kings Road window.  Most of Forsyth’s work is a mixture of modern technology meets nature, strikingly dramatic and eerily real – photographic in style, with a magical glowing quality set against a black background.  Tranquilizer, another 3D  motion lenticular (a photographic printed image giving the illusion of depth and movement when viewed from different angles), is the latest piece on display; a beautiful, shimmering butterfly, that moves gracefully and almost translucently within the frame.

Tranquilizer - Allan Forsyth
Tranquilizer – Allan Forsyth

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New design – from German cockerels to Italian graphics…

London is bursting at the seams with new art and design ideas: fashion, product technology, architecture and, of course, some of the best contemporary furniture around. Whenever the subject of art is discussed it always throws up those endless ‘but what is art?’ type questions.  We’re not sure how to answer that – we know good design when we see it but art is …whatever you want it to be isn’t it?

From our showroom on the Kings Road, we’re about four miles from Trafalgar Square, and recent visitors will have seen the latest piece of art to sit on the Fourth Plinth.  It’s a gorgeous powder blue sculpture of a cockerel entitled Cock by Katharina Fritsch.  Fantastic (although we’re not sure what Nelson would have made of it!).  What do you think?  Love it, hate it, just not sure?

Blue Cockerel Trafalgar Square
Blue Cockerel Trafalgar Square

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The London Design Festival and Go Modern

We celebrated being part of The London Design Festival in style this week!  Our doors were open until late and we had tons of visitors and friends popping by.  London is the design capital of the world and we LOVE being part of it.  The Kings Road was buzzing more than usual and the newly formed Chelsea Design Quarter proved itself to be London’s uniquely eclectic interiors hub.

Go Modern on the Kings Road, London
Go Modern – part of The London Design Festival

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