Parental warning – this furniture might seriously improve your children’s tidiness

So week two of the UK spring/school holidays and we’ve noticed a marked interest in children’s bedroom furniture… with a big emphasis on storage.  There’s nothing like a holiday combined with cold weather to make you realise that your house is pulsating with a lot of small people and just too much stuff!  Well, we can’t offer Narnia but we can solve the problem of where to store everything.

Our Italian partner Battistella has come over all Mary Poppins like and created Nidi, a wonderful new range of children’s bedroom furniture, that includes everything from ‘hidden’ extra beds, to walk-in wardrobes, fitted cupboards, pull-down desks and incredibly neat storage ideas.

Nidi children's bedroom furniture
Nidi children’s bedroom furniture

It’s all completely modular so you can chose as much or as little of it as you want. With modifiable sizes, and tailor-made extras that will be unique to you – so, an extra cupboard, bunk bed steps arranged on the other side, pull-out toy boxes; they’ve thought of everything.  We’ve featured some room set images here to give you an idea of what can be achieved (and they also do rugs and wallpaper too).

Gino bunk bed
Gino bunk bed

The Gino bunk bed (above) has two beds, with a clever pull-out bed below that’s great for extra guests, or you can use the space for storage.  The top bunk can also be chosen as a ‘tipping bunk’ which will fold down neatly when it’s not in use. The wardrobe in this composition has been fitted at the side of the bunk and it’s a ‘walk-in’, with shelves and pull-down rails (so no excuses for a floordrobe!) and optional internal lighting.  And don’t worry about the graffiti – the finish of the wardrobe here is a rewriteable whiteboard surface (and it’s dry wipeable in case the artwork turns out to be a little too inspired!).

Tippy bunk bed
Tippy bunk bed

The Tippy bunk bed and desk is an incredible piece of design which incorporates two beds, storage space and a desk all in one unit. The desk is pulled down (by mechanised gas pump) to reveal the hidden second bed behind the desk. When the desk is needed, it simply pulls up, and the mechanism folds the bed neatly behind it. And, a good one this for teenagers, you don’t even have to move anything off the desk! There are also wheeled storage boxes available which will fit tidily under the second bed/desk.

Woody children's wardrobe & Hug children's storage bed
Woody children’s wardrobe & Hug children’s storage bed

Let’s talk colour – we’ve got a rainbow’s worth of them – from moody mauve to raucous red – with over 15 different lacquers to choose from. The design team at Battistella has also created a superb selection of finishing touches: the wardrobe door knobs come in 14 different colours, four sizes and can be placed in three different positions – so how cool is that. And there are lots of really ‘grown up’ details too – have a closer look at the Hug bed in the shot above and you’ll notice the ultra-stylish blanket stitching around the headboard, which can be done in matching or complementing colours.  And there’s more storage with an optional storage base.

Happy spring holidays!

(N.B. – Parental warning – the child in the above shot is a model and we’re assured that, even with our great Nidi furniture, his room isn’t normally this tidy!).