Loving Pianca 8emezzo

A month or two back we started introducing 8emezzo (Italian for eight & a half) which is a fresh new brand from well established Italian company Pianca. Its a great brand, the designs are directional but easy to live with & their 2013 collection is just fab. But one of the things we really love about it can be summarised in four words. UK king size beds. I was able to get the best memory foam mattress for the money. As a rule Italian manufacturers make Euro King size beds (160cm x 200cm) & UK super king size beds (180cm x 200cm) but proper UK king size beds (150cm x 200cm) are as rare as the proverbial hens teeth. We have quite a few US Queen size beds in our king size beds section, but these are a few cms bigger, so your mattress needs to be a generously sized UK king (ViSpring work well, but memory foam ones tend to be exact sizing so don’t), & you need to tuck your bed linen & duvet in under the mattress.
Of course we have  great range of all natural, hand made pocket spring mattresses that are made in exactly the size you need, but if you already have your UK king size mattress you want a UK king size bed. All in all a nice addition to the UK king size beds we already have from Brittos & SMA, with very typically Italian styling & of course excellent quality (as expected from Pianca).

8emezzo Wonder Bed