Mac & Mac ceased trading…

Sad to hear about Mac & Mac (& see their statement on their website saying they had ceased trading), we may have lost a competitor but it will rock the confidence of both customers & suppliers in everyone else now too.

How can this happen? Its simple. Discount everything heavily, all the time, & you become a no profit but high turnover operation. Compete against other companies who do the same, but who are based in much less expensive parts of Britain & you have a recipe for disaster. Not, of course thats what Im saying happened here, it may well not be the case at all, its just a possibility.

But it’s why we avoid the usual, ubiquitous brands with everyone fighting for market share & selling on price alone & prefer to spend lots of time on complicated & tricky things like wardrobes, home offices & fitted wall units. If you cant add value with great service &/or lots of expertise you will find it difficult to survive in this market. As a result of trying our best to add value while avoiding mistakes like this we have grown every year since we started (in 2006), have kept THE SAME company name & number. Theres been no need to close down Go Modern Limited & start up Go Modern Trading (or whatever). We might well be only of the only ones though, which is a pretty scary thought.

So how can we help? We cant make any guarantees but if you have ordered with one of the brands we also deal with (Tonelli Design, Contardi, Bontempi Casa or Lema) we can talk to the factory & see if your order is there ready to go. If Mac and Mac ordered it from them it will be (hopefully) sitting there, & can be resurrected. We have an excellent track record with our suppliers, so can get it on the next lorry & to you before you know it – though unfortunately no matter who you re order with you will need to pay for it again. But for Mac & Mac orders we are happy to wait until it arrived, & ready to send to you before we take payment.