Our Wardrobes – A Quick Guide

We have an absolutely enormous range of fitted wardrobes, all from Italy. We have six different modern wardrobe collections, because each range has it’s strengths, & is put together in slightly different size increments. So, for example, if you want a sliding door wardrobe with gloss lacquer doors you will have four different ranges to choose from, one of which will be exactly the right size for your space, even though the wardrobe doors of all four will all be very similar. In addition to different sizes each different range has a few ‘stand out’ door designs, which are completely unique to that range, so we have a lot of really fabulous contemporary designs as well as the (best selling) plain ones.

Although we have a huge collection to choose from not all are on our website, but we have dedicated in house designers who can navigate through our different ranges & find the right size & finish for you. They will work with you to decide how you would like your wardrobe fitted out, & can give you a diagram of the layout you decide on. It is usually better to do this in our showroom if you want to see specific colours or finishes, but it is not unknown for customers to buy a wardrobe after ringing & emailing us, as our fitted wardrobes are Italian, all of a very high standard. If you’re choosing white, black or plain mirrored doors it’s more than possible to buy without visiting our showroom, although we don’t install outside Scotland or the M25 (we have not found a furniture fitter that meets our standards – we are very fussy). Our team of expert fitters have years of experience with luxury brands & can make alterations on site to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Our fitted wardrobes are divided into three sections, hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes & walk in wardrobes. Each different type has it’s advantages & disadvantages, & we can help you decide which is best for you.

Hinged Door Wardrobes have the largest choice of sizes, & are available in small sizes from 90cm wide up. These doors usually have handles & there is a great choice of textures, handle designs etc. As the cabinets are smaller than sliding door wardrobes they can be the most effective use of space. These are the least expensive & can be installed in corners.

Sliding Door Wardrobes look fantastic in large spaces. Although they don’t have as many choices of sizes we have four different collections, so should be able to provide a close fit. The minimum size is 2 metres & they usually look better in even larger sizes. An advantage of sliding door wardrobes is that the doors don’t open outwards, which means that not as much room is needed in front of them. They don’t fit in corners, although we have a model that does (the only one we have ever seen).

Walk In Wardrobes are such a fantastic idea if you have the room for them. We have four different ranges (more than anyone else in the UK) & our finishes include Canaletto walnut, dark oak, white ash, all white, & lacquer colours, a nice change from the very traditional all wood usually available. Doors are completely optional, & are usually made in clear or smoked glass, which isn’t always what our clients want, so we have a collection that can have beautiful gloss lacquer doors, which are fixed to the ceiling. Usually walk in wardrobes have panels that are fixed to the walls, but one of our ranges has a structure that is free standing, so does not need to be fixed. Three of our collections are also part of home office furniture & wall unit/bookcase ranges so are perfect for spare bedrooms & teenagers bedrooms, where clothing can be hung & stored in style in small spaces & desks, bookcases etc can be integrated with them.