Modern furniture can be both beautiful and practical if you have the right designer

For many people, choosing the right furniture can be quite a challenge. Particularly when looking at contemporary furniture, the fear is that the functionality won’t be there – especially when getting to grips with sleek urban bedroom furniture or minimalist kitchens in a high-art showroom!

Many people will design their home around one, cohesive style or period. This might mean allegiance to a certain designer furniture producer – although this can create a ‘showroom’ effect if designer furniture isn’t mixed judiciously with other, unique items.

The trick is to start adding newer items in, gently. At a certain point, most of us will look around our homes and feel that it’s time for a change! Modern furniture can feel a little challenging to those familiar with more homely or traditional styles – particularly with its contemporary furniture styling, colour palettes and sleek functionalities. Chosen well however, there’s no reason why newer styles can’t integrate beautifully with your classic or heirloom pieces and even garden furniture in your outdoor spaces. From the right designer, it also has the benefit of being highly practical, as well as beautiful to look at – for example, integrated storage solutions, ergonomic chairs and laptop tables are all designed to move with changing lifestyles and patterns.

So don’t be afraid to look for something new. Find a good designer that combines both aesthetic with functional and start small – a modern piece of garden furniture or bedroom furniture perhaps, or a contemporary, bold print sofa.