Open day for Chelsea design festival & Decorex

We are having an open day/evening on Tuesday the 27th of September as part of the Creative Chelsea event & will be serving drinks & canapes from midday until 8pm, & you are welcome to join us!

Our CAD designers will be showing our guests what they can do, as well as what they have done. They have designed some fabulous wall units, wardrobes, bookcases & childrens bedrooms over the last year, & we are releasing a new collection of contract furniture too, from Europeo.

Can’t afford to move? Update your home with contemporary furniture instead!

The current economy has hit hard and house prices are no exception. So many owners chose not to move, but to make the most of what they already have instead. This involves looking at their house and deciding what to change and up date with more contemporary furniture instead.

Buying designer furniture can drastically change the outlook and feel of any room or house so much. It will almost feel like a new room. The theming of a room with modern furniture will make it feel cleaner and more stylish; instead of an eclectic collection of treasured, but worn chairs, tables and other items. These principles also apply to bedroom furniture as well

Getting this change to modern furniture or designer furniture right is a skill we can all learn easily and it is best to start with a non-public room like your bedroom. A change of bedroom furniture will alter the whole atmosphere of your bedroom and make it seem more welcoming and special. An important point if you are not moving. Using contemporary furnishing will really give you such a lift in these situations.

But it is not just inside that may need a makeover. Take a look at your garden furniture and see if you can spruce that up to fit with the new designs inside. Getting a smooth transition of styles to bind inside and out is vital to a great looking home. Not having a sudden change as you walk from room to room and then to your outdoor spaces is really important.

Check out our contemporary furniture here.