Flash Sales!

As anybody who has bought from us knows its very rare for us to have sales. Unlike other furniture retailers who are constantly having ‘up to 70% off’ (because their furniture was too expensive in the first place), or marking everything up by 10-20% then having a ‘sale’ (you know who you are!) we keep our prices competitive & very occasionally have 15% off. Our next sale isnt due until Christmas, when our poor customers will have to wait an extra 2-4 weeks for delivery because Italy will be closed.

But our blog, twitter & facebook pages will be holding 2 day ‘flash sales’ focusing on particular collections & these sales will NOT be published anywhere else. So follow us on twitter, facebook or here so that you dont miss out!

Our first upcoming sale will focus on dining room furniture from Casabella Italy & will include some new products that are not yet on the website. When will it be? We havent decided yet…

Casabella Milano dining table & chairs