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Sale Now On! 15% off all orders over £1,000 (excluding delivery). Code homework
Sale Now On! 15% off all orders over £1,000 (excluding delivery). Code homework
Storage Beds

Storage Beds

Storage beds, or ottoman beds as they are sometimes know are so practical. They are the perfect way to add extra bedroom storage and Go Modern has an extensive range of not only practical, but beautiful storage beds. Powered with a high quality gas lift, they couldn't be easier to operate whilst also providing a large storage space in the base.

We have storage beds in every size, including childrens beds with storage. Most of our storage beds also have matching bedroom furniture including bedside cabinets, chests of drawers and wardrobes.

Our range of storage beds will be expanding over the coming months so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

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GM-FULLH-02 Bonaldo Full Moon Hi Storage Bed
  • £4540.00
GM-YOUN-02 Bonaldo Youniverse Storage Bed
  • £4060.00
GM-KENO-02 Bonaldo Kenobi Storage Bed
  • £3590.00
GM-CHALS-02 Jesse Charles Storage Bed
  • £3420.00
GM-BRIC-01 Brick Storage Bed
  • £2640.00
GM-MODO-01 Novamobili Modo Storage Bed
  • £2740.00
GM-DEDA-02 Novamobili Dedalo Storage Bed
  • £2150.00
GM-TONI-07 Bonaldo Tonight Teenager's Bed
  • £1430.00
GM-TONI-08 Bonaldo Tonight Single Storage Bed
  • £1720.00
GM-LANU-03 Jesse Lanuit Storage Bed
  • £2240.00
GM-PICO-05 Lema Picolit Storage Bed
  • £2330.00
GM-MARY-11 Marylin Storage bed
  • £1600.00
GM-MILL-19 Milly Storage Bed
  • £1600.00
GM-NINF-11 Ninfa Storage Bed
  • £1710.00
GM-CUFF-01 Bonaldo Cuff Storage Bed
  • £3270.00
GM-FLUFF-11 Bonaldo Fluff Storage Bed
  • £4460.00
GM-CAMI-05 Lema Camille Storage Bed
  • £2620.00
GM-CHAR-05 Jesse Charme Storage Bed
  • £3190.00
GM-MAXI-07 Jesse Maxim Storage Bed
  • £3020.00
GM-ESTE-12 Este Storage Bed
  • £1380.00
GM-BOLE-11 Bolero Storage Bed
  • £1650.00
GM-BOLE-12 Bolero Lido Storage Bed
  • £1790.00
GM-TONI-02 Bonaldo Tonight Storage Bed
  • £2230.00
GM-BASK-16 Bonaldo Basket Alto Storage Bed
  • £3960.00
GM-ESPR-07 Esprit Storage Bed
  • £1700.00
GM-LIDO-05 Lido Maxi Storage Bed
  • £2270.00
GM-SHAR-04 SMA Sharpei Storage Bed
  • £2390.00
GM-KENJ-01 Kenjo Storage Bed
  • £2020.00
GM-HUG-05 Battistella Hug Single Storage Bed
  • £1290.00
GM-YORK-11 York Storage Bed
  • £1940.00
GM-BASK-03 Bonaldo Basket Storage Bed
  • £3210.00
GM-WHIP-01 Battistella Whippy Children's Storage Bed
  • £1430.00
GM-PASC-02 Jesse Pascal Storage Bed
  • £2530.00
GM-NIMB-02 Jesse Nimbo Storage Bed
  • £2780.00
GM-BASK-05 Bonaldo Basket Plus Storage Bed
  • £3340.00
GM-CAMP-10 Bonaldo Campo Single Storage Bed
  • £1910.00
GM-CAMP-21 Bonaldo Campo Storage Bed
  • £2420.00
GM-BLOO-23 Bonaldo Bloom Alto Storage Bed
  • £2990.00
GM-BEND-08 Bend Storage Bed
  • £2060.00
GM-PRES-03 Prestige Storage Bed
  • £2190.00
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