Lema – the latest luxury brand to join go Modern

We mentioned at the beginning of the year an exciting new name to join the Go Modern family, Lema, one of Italy’s most prestigous brands – and the perfect name to complement our other luxury brands.

If you know Lema at all you will know that its world famous name is synonymous with attention to detail, the highest quality materials and an ability to create unique pieces of furniture.  The company is based in the heart of the Northen Italian Brianza furniture making district and has been producing beautifully made furniture since the 1940s.

Lema is one of Europe’s best wardrobe and bookcase/wall unit specialists (their Elegant wardrobe is a best seller already!), and they also have a fantastic collection of sofas, beds, bedroom furntiture, and dining tables, as well as exquisite one-off pieces.

The Fina Sliding door wardrobe is a great example of the kind of design Lema is known for; a sleek, natual anodized aluminium frame surrounding matt or gloss lacquered door panels.  There’s also a huge choice of 40 colours in matt lacquer and four in the lacquered glass. Sizes too are varied, with three heights and several widths.  Superb!

Fina Sliding Door wardrobe

Lema Fina Sliding Door wardrobe

We love the Selecta bookcase system so much it’s being installed in our showroom as we type! Lema introduced their first free-standing bookcase system back in 1978, and Selecta is the bang-up-to-the-minute evolutionary result. With over 30 years of experience in creating these systems, Selecta incorporates the best of everything to date – and it’s one of the most versatile shelving systems around today. Pop in, have a look and be impressed!

The Mustique sofa is one of Lemas newest designs, created for them by Gordon Guillaumier. And it’s gorgeous. Wide and elegant, with a slim, metal structure and slimline cushions that are so, so comfortable.  The leather version, seen here, also has raw ‘unfinished’ seams on the boxy arms giving it, we think, a really cool, urban look.

Mustique sofa

Lema Mustique sofa

We have quite simply fallen in love with Wing – an achingly beautiful piece of craftmanship.  Designed in 2012 by Werner Aisslinger all we can say is: stunning (and we try not to use that word too often!).  It’s made from light oak and has a beautifully sinuous petal shape, with the natural wood grain shown-off to its best within the curved sweep of the design. And if that isn’t enough, Aisslinger has created another treat for you – when you turn Wing around, a ‘spine’ of solid wood is revealed giving the whole piece a striking architectural feel… its a kind of ‘weak at the knees’ piece…

Wing chair

Lema Wing Chair

And if you’re looking for something a little bit different, a collector’s piece … then the one-of-a-kind Booken by Yael and Shay at Raw Edges for Lema will get your pulse racing.  They’ve taken the ‘concept of the book as an object, transformed its function, and reinvetned it’.  And thus you have Booken – a quirky and totally unique bookcase: storage for your favourite books (also allowing you to ‘mark’ your favourite pages), a side table and bookshelf in one.  And if it suits your room style more you can also wall hang Booken. It comes with 20 oak ‘book-marks’ and you can order extra if you need them.

Booken bookcase

Lema Booken bookcase

Taking pride of place in our Kings Road window at the moment is the Novelist writing desk by the internationally renowned Christophe Pillet.  It was one of Lema’s key pieces at the Milan show and so deserved its centre stage presence.  In rue Pillet style, it cleverly evokes a traditional writing desk with a great modernist-retro look.  It’s made in sold canaletto walnut with a coffee-coloured leather insert in the desk top, plus an exciting and very neat pop-up inlay for your pens and pencils.  A chrome-plated steel frame and two ultra slim side-drawers complete the look. Absolutely no excuses for not finishing that book now!

Novelist writing desk

Lema Novelist writing desk




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Loving Pianca 8emezzo

A month or two back we started introducing 8emezzo (Italian for eight & a half) which is a fresh new brand from well established Italian company Pianca. Its a great brand, the designs are directional but easy to live with & their 2013 collection is just fab. But one of the things we really love about it can be summarised in four words. UK king size beds.

As a rule Italian manufacturers make Euro King size beds (160cm x 200cm) & UK super king size beds (180cm x 200cm) but proper UK king size beds (150cm x 200cm) are as rare as the proverbial hens teeth. We have quite a few US Queen size beds in our king size beds section, but these are a few cms bigger, so your mattress needs to be a generously sized UK king (ViSpring work well, but memory foam ones tend to be exact sizing so don’t), & you need to tuck your bed linen & duvet in under the mattress.

Of course we have  great range of all natural, hand made pocket spring mattresses that are made in exactly the size you need, but if you already have your UK king size mattress you want a UK king size bed. All in all a nice addition to the UK king size beds we already have from Brittos & SMA, with very typically Italian styling & of course excellent quality (as expected from Pianca).

8emezzo Wonder Bed

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Surprising Storage

If there’s one thing that most of us agree on it’s that our homes never have enough space to store everything.  It’s a modern day curse but, as we always try to look for the positive in things, the upside is that contemporary designers produce furniture that creatively uses every last available inch of space, producing designs that, for us, tick all the boxes – beautiful to look at, high quality and very practical too.

So, we’ve pulled together a small selection of some of our latest designs, all of which deserve praise for their quality and creativity – while sharing that great ability to surprise us with their ingenious hidden storage.

Starting with 8emezzo’s Wonder bed - one of our new, luxuriously upholstered beds with a thickly padded, textile covered base and headboard, the Wonder bed has a huge storage base with gas powered lift-up-slats over a sealed area approximately the size of the mattress – and the other surprising bit is it really, really doesn’t look like a bed with a storage base! Great sizes too from Euro King through to Super King with a headboard 83cm high.

Wonder bed

Wonder bed

The Carree coffee table we promise you is just the table you’ve been looking for to help keep your living room tidy. Created with two large storage spaces under the table top and some very practical drawers, you’ll be able to banish clutter in an instant (admittedly this isn’t a long term solution to the clutter problem – but it sure helps!). It’s available in two sizes, and in wood, matt or gloss lacquer, with or without plain or patterned glass, and a wide range of colours.  It’s really such a versatile, attractive coffee table you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Carree coffee table

Carree coffee table

The glamorous Kaddy coatstand/mirror is designed by the multi-talented Karim Rashid and those Italian masters of glass wizardry, Tonelli. We love this design – a full length mirror, double backed, on a revolving chrome base. Simply swivel it around to reveal an interior cupboard with a high shelf and three hanging hooks.  Great for hiding bulky winter coats and jackets – it makes a superb statement piece and a great storage addition to any room.

Kaddy coatstand

Kaddy coatstand

As you know, one of the latest brands to join our Go Modern family is Mogg.  This young Italian company is full of energy and surprises with lots of quirky and unusual pieces. Mogg’s designers are accomplished artists, designers and architects, and many are award-winning – as is Matteo Ragni (Ragni means ‘spiders’ in Italian by the way… but don’t let that put you off!!) and his very clever Doppia Fila shelves.   Larger than you might think, at a metre wide and 22cm high, the shelves also have ‘hidden’ storage at either end, allowing you to store extra books – or just create a very unusual design statement.  The shelves are sold in pairs, with extra shelves available as single shelves, and they’re made in a lacquered metal with a number of different finishes.

Doppia Fila shelves

Doppia Fila shelves

What to do with cables, power sockets and all your favourite DVD’s?  Ta-dah…we’ve found the answer… Bonaldo’s futuristic looking Vision TV stand.  It’s a circular stand that can incorporate a flat screen up to 102cm wide.  It’s also got a clever little cupboard at the rear for hiding those pesky cables and plugs that always spoil the look of any room. And as for those DVD’s that you cant bear to give away because they’re someone’s favourite movie… well the outer edge of the circular frame has a neat shelf designed to store them all until that rainy Sunday afternoon when you’re searching for something to watch.

Vision TV Stand

Vision TV Stand

So, there you have it.  Just a few of our amazing storage designs.  Lots more on the site… so come on in and take a look…

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Mac & Mac ceased trading…

Sad to hear about Mac & Mac (& see their statement on their website saying they had ceased trading), we may have lost a competitor but it will rock the confidence of both customers & suppliers in everyone else now too.

How can this happen? Its simple. Discount everything heavily, all the time, & you become a no profit but high turnover operation. Compete against other companies who do the same, but who are based in much less expensive parts of Britain & you have a recipe for disaster. Not, of course thats what Im saying happened here, it may well not be the case at all, its just a possibility.

But it’s why we avoid the usual, ubiquitous brands with everyone fighting for market share & selling on price alone & prefer to spend lots of time on complicated & tricky things like wardrobes, home offices & fitted wall units. If you cant add value with great service &/or lots of expertise you will find it difficult to survive in this market. As a result of trying our best to add value while avoiding mistakes like this we have grown every year since we started (in 2006), have kept THE SAME company name & number. Theres been no need to close down Go Modern Limited & start up Go Modern Trading (or whatever). We might well be only of the only ones though, which is a pretty scary thought.

So how can we help? We cant make any guarantees but if you have ordered with one of the brands we also deal with (Tonelli Design, Contardi, Bontempi Casa or Lema) we can talk to the factory & see if your order is there ready to go. If Mac and Mac ordered it from them it will be (hopefully) sitting there, & can be resurrected. We have an excellent track record with our suppliers, so can get it on the next lorry & to you before you know it – though unfortunately no matter who you re order with you will need to pay for it again. But for Mac & Mac orders we are happy to wait until it arrived, & ready to send to you before we take payment.

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A New Year, with some exciting new brands

As anyone who is familiar with us knows, we like to keep moving! 2013 saw the introduction of several exciting new brands, Brittos (well made, great value Portuguese lacquered & wooden furniture), Mogg (cutting edge designer furniture) & Michael Tyler Quadro (brilliant UK made sofas) as well as the introduction of a range of hand made box spring luxury mattresses to fit our European bed sizes.  But its a new year, and we have several exciting new brands lined up for 2014.

First up, Ozzio Design. Masters of the transformable table, Italian company Ozzio use the very best German mechanisms to create tables that start out as console tables or coffee tables, & transform into stylish full size dining tables. No one has a larger collection of these than Ozzio, who also have a great range of extending dining tables & non extending coffee/dining tables, & their quality is superb, with everything designed to withstand plenty of use & to last for years.  Its a large collection, so we will be introducing it gradually – but we have two of Ozzio’s most popular pieces in our showroom, the Metro extending dining table in tobacco oak & anthracite, & the Box transformable coffee table. With homes in London shrinking we think these versatile tables will have plenty of interest.

Ozzio Box Transformable Table

We are also thrilled to announce the addition of top Italian manufacturer Lema to our stable. Lema are one of Italy’s most prestigious brands & will complement our collections from Jesse, Novamobili, 8emezzo & SMA Mobili perfectly. A luxury brand, Lema wont be right for all of our customers, but their combination of flawless quality, stunning design & incredible flexibility mean that they are already very well known to Designer/Architects & specifiers, & we look forward to introducing them. Lema specialise in high end wardrobes & bookcases/wall units & are the go-to brand for luxury, contemporary home offices/libraries. They also have a brilliant range of bedroom furniture, as well as sofas, coffee tables & smaller stand alone pieces.

Another big collection, we will probably introduce Lema online slowly. The product is too technical to put on the website properly, so we will be quoting this on request to start with. Great for both contract & private clients, our wonderful installation team are already familiar with their products & we will shortly have a large bookcase/wall unit & wardrobe in the showroom, as well as one of their fabulous sofas & their latest home office desk.

Lema Selecta Bookcase

Finally, we have 8emezzo, a Pianca brand. We started introducing 8emezzo late last year, but have only a fraction of their fabulous collection online. Designed to be a fresher, younger take on the very well established Pianca range, 8emezzo have some original walk in wardrobes (some which dont require back panels, a first for us), standard wardrobes, wall units & bookcases as well as much sought after UK King size beds with matching bedroom furniture. Great for both the private & contract markets 8emezzo combine the design & responsiveness of a new brand with the huge resources of their parent brand.

8emezzo Wonder Bed

So, just like 2013, 2014 promises to be another great year for Go Modern, as well as for our lovely customers – both existing & new!

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Mogg – blurring art & design – plus a special introductory offer

Italian design has always pushed the boundaries – across fashion, art, architecture… it whole-heartedly embraces the avant-garde.  Think of the theatricality of Versace, the revolutionary Renaissance architecture of 15th century Florence or the rebellious drama of Caravaggio.

So when we  found brand new Italian furniture and accessories company Mogg, a company representing the best of this Italian tradition, we were more than a little excited!  Mogg (MObilli = furniture & OGGetti = objects) was founded by architect Nicola Galbiati in 2012, and his company works with a range of award-winning designers – many established names in their own fields of art, architecture or furniture design – or as Galbiati puts it “partners of vision – crazy dreamers”.  Their idea is to “limit the boundaries between art and design” and the result – a collection of exciting new furniture and accessories that we think are not only stunning designs for the home, but true investment pieces for tomorrow.

And as an introduction to this amazing brand we’re offering a special 20% discount on ALL Mogg designs up until December 20th.  Just quote MGBG20 when ordering.

The Botero dining table is the sort of brilliant idea that leaves us puzzled as to why no one ever thought of it before (like all the best ideas)! Designed by Alessandro Masurzo, it includes an incredibly useful storage cupboard in the base. Two sizes and three finishes – including one with a beautiful Carrera white marble top.  Bellissimo!

Mogg Botero dining table

Mogg Botero dining table

The Ordinary Day (in the woodshed) sideboards by Raphael Charles, must have the most poetic title we’ve ever come across, and we’re so impressed with this design that there will be one on display in our showroom very soon!   This great sideboard, made from solid fir, looks just like a pallet stacked with freshly cut timber, but the clever illusion incorporates a very practical four-drawer sideboard, with a black lacquered interior.

Ordinary Day

Mogg Ordinary Day (in a woodshed) sideboards

Remember ‘Being John Malkovich’ (one of our favourite films!) ..?  Well the Rooms cabinet (there’s also a sideboard) was the filmic inspiration behind this stand-out design! Created by award-winning designer Diego Grandi it has 50s style door handles on the cupboards, four gorgeous RAL colours, and sits on an American solid ash wood base.  Yes! Yes! Yes! (and that’s our inspiration from another iconic American movie!).

Rooms Cabinet

Mogg Rooms Cabinet

Many more Mogg designs to choose from … but the magical Casetta in Canada four poster bed is a particular favourite…

Casseta in Canada four poster

Mogg Casseta in Canada four poster bed

Designed by Nathan Yong (named Most Promising Young Designer on the International Scene by Interni Magazine in 2011 and then going on to also bag himself a coveted Red Dot Award) the Casetta is made from solid Ash in pure white, with an open-pore finish so that you can still see the beautiful texture of the wood.  A simply beautiful, clean, and geometrically pleasing contemporary version of the original.

We know you’ll love this brand as much as we do.  So take advantage of our special introductory offer, and quote MGBG20 when ordering.  To see the full Mogg collection click here.


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New design – from German cockerels to Italian graphics…

London is bursting at the seams with new art and design ideas: fashion, product technology, architecture and, of course, some of the best contemporary furniture around. Whenever the subject of art is discussed it always throws up those endless ‘but what is art?’ type questions.  We’re not sure how to answer that – we know good design when we see it but art is …whatever you want it to be isn’t it?

From our showroom on the Kings Road, we’re about four miles from Trafalgar Square, and recent visitors will have seen the latest piece of art to sit on the Fourth Plinth.  It’s a gorgeous powder blue sculpture of a cockerel entitled Cock by Katharina Fritsch.  Fantastic (although we’re not sure what Nelson would have made of it!).  What do you think?  Love it, hate it, just not sure?

Blue Cockerel Trafalgar Square

Blue Cockerel Trafalgar Square

Amongst some of the other most creative design we’ve seen recently at Go Modern is from the team at Novamobili who’ve come up with a solution to that perennial problem of space, or rather lack of it.  And if the topic of ‘wall units’ normally induces a trance like state in you -think again! Wave is their fantastic new wall unit structure, with a look that is based on Italian graphics!   It combines curves and straight lines, horizontals and verticals, cabinet doors that open upwards or downwards – endless possibilities that make this an incredibly creative but eminently practical piece of furniture.

Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 218

Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 218

You can choose as many shelves, cupboards, sizes, heights, lengths as you want to suit the space you have.

Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 219

Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 219

So if it’s space you’re short of and you have an eye for something a little different, ultra cool and very clever, Wave definitely deserves your attention.

Or how about Next, from Portuguese manufacturer Brittos, a collection of wall hung cupboards and open units that can make up a structure as large or as small as you want it to be.

Brittos Next Wall Unit

Brittos Next Wall Unit

Very clever. Very creative.  We’re just wondering if Boris might accept something from us next time the Fourth Plinth has a space…

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Top trends for autumn

It’s the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – if that isn’t just too romantic (and OK a bit over-used we know – but hey, it’s still lovely!).  There’s quite a nip in the air and the clocks go back in a couple of weeks – definitely time to think about changing a few things for winter.  And, according to some new research from the Sleep Council (spotted via the BBC news site) the average Brit at the moment is getting just six-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night.  As usual, that’s down to a whole host of things but what the researchers could definitely say is: if you can increase your nightly sleep by even a bit (to over seven hours) you’ll be a lot healthier.

So, onto beds, our beds (a good bed has got to make a difference, right?) and Grand Designs Magazine, the November issue, is featuring one of ours big time.  The new Bonaldo Eureka bed gets a fab write up and the GD team also highlight the autumnal mustard and anthracite accessories used alongside the Eureka’s fresh white headboard and base, with its super-sized anthracite grey stitching.  Feeling sleepy anyone?

Eureka bed, Grand Designs, November

Grand Designs Magazine, November, & our Eureka bed

Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, always sniffs out some amazing new design in their great ‘trend spotting’ Design News pages, and November’s issue is no exception.  They love our new Octa dining table, also from Bonaldo.  And, as they rightly tell you,  if you speak Greek you’ll know that Octa means eight, which is also the number of metal legs supporting this superb table. Looks great doesn’t it!

Octa Dining table

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, November, our Octa dining table

So, that’s your autumn/winter sleeping and eating sorted – all you need now is a nice, cosy sofa (did we mention our great new sofas…).  Pop in or give us a ring …  we’d love to show you all our latest designs – they’re just too good to keep quiet about!

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The London Design Festival and Go Modern

We celebrated being part of The London Design Festival in style this week!  Our doors were open until late and we had tons of visitors and friends popping by.  London is the design capital of the world and we LOVE being part of it.  The Kings Road was buzzing more than usual and the newly formed Chelsea Design Quarter proved itself to be London’s uniquely eclectic interiors hub.

Go Modern on the Kings Road, London

Go Modern – part of The London Design Festival

We took the opportunity to show off (also more than usual) and brought into the showroom a number of our favourite contemporary design classics, from international award winners to simply beautifully crafted modern pieces.

New pieces in the showroom include a ‘designed & made just for us’ Carerra sofa from Michael Tyler with leather piping, custom walnut feet & a fantastic fabric not usually available (also used by a top Italian brand for their upholstery). Not only does it look fab it is SO comfortable. This photo is of our one.

Carrera Sofa

Michael Tyler Carrera Sofa

We also managed to finally get our hands on a Vibieffe Class high back armchair. Always popular with Interior Designers & Architects this Italian designed & made armchair is ultra contemporary but quite classic at the same time.

Vibieffe Class High Back Armchair

Vibieffe Class High Back Armchair

But the biggest change in our showroom was our new modern art collection! With 17 new pieces it’s a significant exhibition of contemporary art from some very talented up & coming artists (of course they are all for sale too!). They aren’t on the website, so do drop by to see them. A carefully edited collection, we have smaller works from £800 right up to some quite large pieces from very well established artists for £3,000-4,000 (ex VAT).  They look amazing with our furniture too, which helps!

One of our favourite pieces is Pride & Glory (Roe Buck) by the talented Scottish artist Allan Forsyth.  We love this so much it’s currently in our window – a stunning 3D Lenticular with eyes that cleverly follow you as you enter the shop. A little bit of Allan’s beloved Scottish Highlands in the Kings Road – bet that’s a first!


Pride and Glory – Roe Buck

Also attracting much comment was Chuck Elliot’s Collider /gilded Mandala - a metallic lamda print, laser cut circular diasec mount, 120cm in diameter. Striking, computer generated, kaleidoscopic free form shapes, cropped and recoloured.

Collider / gilded mandala

Collider / gilded mandala

And bringing a bit of pop art iconography into play – Black Coke / Blue Coke / Red Coke by the artist known as James Gallas (we say ‘known as’ because intriguingly that’s a pseudonym… so, did he join us last night?).  This series of three pictures are part of a limited edition of eight screen prints, velvet flocking on linen.

Black Coke / Blue Coke / Red coke

Black Coke / Blue Coke / Red coke

Plus the very talented Mr Rufus Knight-Webb, looking very dashing in a vintage admiral’s jacket no less, hot footing it from south London with a number of his pieces including ‘oh’, an abstract seascape.  We asked him why the name…and he said, “because after I’d finished painting, that’s exactly what I said!”  So, there you have it.  Contemporary art: genius; unique; intriguing  - damned creative.


Rufus Knight-Webb 'oh'

Rufus Knight-Webb ‘oh’



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Contemporary furniture & design – breaking the rules

We see many different styles of houses at Go Modern but the main thing we’ve noticed over time is… people break all the proscribed design rules and it can still look fabulous.  We keep an eye on all the major design titles and have some favourite blogs that keep us abreast of the latest trends.  A major design trend this year is the mixing and matching of classic style with modern design. Period houses with contemporary furniture alongside vintage pieces – and it works really well: it’s hip to mix!

A big favourite of ours is the use of ‘raw materials’, giving an industrial look to domestic interiors: visible metal beams, exposed brickwork, concrete steps etc.  And this has been reflected in many of this year’s furniture designs too.  Our new Octa table from Bonaldo for example has fabulous metal welded legs with a top that can be lacquered in matt white or anthracite grey, acid treated black/white glass, or juxtapose a softer look and choose one of the walnut tops. Fabulous.

The Octa dining table

The Octa dining table

The new Kadou coatstand (and this one also features an interior light) is a great contemporary design inspired by something very traditional – Kadou takes its look from the traditional Japanese flower vase.  It’s photographed here alongside some beautiful French Regency doors and a traditional cast iron radiator, with a nicely polished parquet floor. We think they look pretty cool.

Kadou Light coat stand from Bonaldo

Bonaldo Kadou Light coat stand

Super-sized accessories are also in demand at the moment and can make a great design statement.  These up-turned ‘cup-cake’ designed stools/side tables, wittily entitled Muffin, are a great way to add some unusual contemporary style or a splash of colour to a fairly neutral or, as seen here, traditional room.

Muffin stool/side table from Bonaldo

Muffin stool/side table

But whatever your style, we think houses should tell a story about the people who live in them, filled with mementos from travels or fascinating curios from local markets or independent craft shops.  A home should be like a good film or book – it should take you away from real life and make you never want to leave it!  A bit like our furniture…


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